Computer Corner #13

By Bob Habas

Formally of computer Connections

Tonido Keeps Cloud Computing Local
If you're interested in the idea of cloud computing and remote access to your files but a bit paranoid about putting your data on some third party server, Tonido is a great compromise. Tonido brings cloud computing home by using your computer as the storage server and host for the applications. Once you've installed Tonido, the only function the Tonido servers themselves perform is keeping track of your IP to make remote logins easier for you.
Why should you use Tonido?
Tonido offers a compelling alternative to online cloud services and allows you to run your own personal cloud using your existing computer.
Tonido has a juke box for remote media streaming, a photo organizer, a blog-like personal journal that has support for web clippings and Twitter integration, easy file sharing with Webshare folder management, and a workspace with calendar, notes, and task lists. In addition to making it easier for you to remotely access your files and work with them regardless of the applications available on the remote machine you're using, Tonido has a built in P2P service which allows you to network with friends and colleagues to share files and collaborate on projects.
Tonido installs as a server app on your primary computer (Linux, Mac, and Windows downloads are available). Once configured, users simply connect to the machine with their web browser by browsing to
The suite include four main components: workspace, file sharing, photo gallery, and jukebox. Tonido is beautifully simple to get up and running, and is an excellent, free personal-cloud-server option for SOHO users and web workers.



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