Computer Corner #23
By Bob Habas
Formally of Computer Connections

Windows Live .EDB Address Book

Microsoft relegated Outlook Express to the dustbin when they came out with Vista, and subsequently, Windows 7. Windows Live Mail client now replaces Outlook Express and has a much richer suite - it's almost like a Microsoft Outlook Lite application.
With Outlook Express going out the door, the 'Address Book' containing your contacts is also gone. The .WAB (Windows Address Book) file is replaced by an .EDB file. Microsoft Exchange Server uses .EDB files as information containers; so, I guess they used that concept when they created Windows Live modules. Your Windows Live 'Messenger' contacts are also stored in .EBD files.
I found the Windows Live Mail contact .EDB file in the FIRST C:\Users\LoginName\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Contacts\HashNumber\DBStore folder

The second and third ...\HashNumber\DBStore folders seem to contain the contact lists for Windows Live Messenger. So, if your system crashes (or before), I would suggest making a copy of the Windows Live Contacts folders, and sub-folders, just to be on the safe side. I did copy the first .EDB file onto another machine running Windows Live Mail, and the contacts showed up. No other files were needed.


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