Computer Corner #26
By Bob Habas
Formally of computer Connections

Windows Live Hotmail

Hotmail, the world's most widely used e-mail service, is getting a major overhaul from Microsoft in a bid to fend off competitors like Google's Gmail.
It’s fast, slick, and comes with a set of new features for managing large amounts of email that make it a much better rival to Gmail. It incorporates some very nice features — things that seem quite obvious once you seem them in action, but aren’t already available elsewhere. And more importantly, they’re features that regular people will actually use.

“Quick add” inserts maps, videos, photos, and more into your e-mail. Easily search for details and insert them into your e-mails without ever leaving your Hotmail.
Smart phone access - Get Hotmail on the go on your Windows Mobile phone, Blackberry, or iPhone.
A key feature to the new Hotmail, is a "sweep" feature that allows users to clean out their inbox in one fell swoop. The single-click feature lets the user select a single e-mail sender, or multiple senders, and automatically delete every message from that sender.
With the new Hotmail, people will be able to open and edit PowerPoint documents in their e-mail accounts, whether they have PowerPoint installed on their computer or not.
Hotmail Active View will give people an automatic preview of their incoming mail, including a look at photos they've received -- both attachments and links to photo sites like Flickr.
You can watch YouTube videos, check social networks and perform other outside tasks without ever leaving e-mail.
Your Personal Mail Man

Use Yahoo! Mail Plus, AOL or Gmail as well? No problem. Hotmail saves you time and hassle by letting you manage multiple email accounts from your Hotmail inbox.
Space To Grow

Hotmail gives you five gigabytes of storage - just for starters. Then your storage grows as you need it. In a nutshell, you can save those important emails without worrying about storage space.
Go Faster

Hotmail is now super-fast and ultra efficient - up to 70% faster than previous versions of Hotmail. Perfect if there are never enough hours in the day.

Ditch The Junk

Busy day? Last thing you need is a lot of spam getting in the way of your important email. Don't worry, Hotmail helps catch and ditch the junk. It has super security features too.
Keep Connected

Love Messenger? It's likely that most of your Messenger friends are on Hotmail, too, meaning you can keep all your contacts together, easily see who's online and chat straight from your inbox.



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