Computer Corner #29
By Bob Habas
Formally of computer Connections

Get Ubuntu Desktop Edition Download

Boot & run Ubuntu Desktop Edition from a CD or thumbdrive. FireFox, OpenOffice, File Manager; it's got it all on a 4GB thumbrive you can slip in your pocket! Create your free OS in 20 minutes or less!
You can download Ubuntu Desktop Edition online, completely free
Download Ubuntu Desktop Edition here:
Create a USB drive
Once you've finished downloading your file, you'll need to create a bootable USB drive.

Try it!
You can try out Ubuntu before you install it. When your CD or USB stick is ready, you can run Ubuntu directly from your CD or USB without affecting your current system.

Install it!
Burning a CD means that you can trial Ubuntu without affecting your current system. And you can install it alongside or instead of your system whenever you're ready.

Bob's Comments:

The best part, and the reason I was doing this little project, is that you can boot to the USB stick, and transfer files off your hard drive, through the network (Ubuntu automatically loads network drivers!), or back onto the USB stick.
If your hard drive ever crashes, and Windows won't boot, just load the USB stick and retrieve critical files off your hard drive. Invaluable for my line of work. And FREE!


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