Computer Corner #5
By Bob Habas
Formally of computer Connections

Command-Line King!

For IT professionals who use the "command prompt," instead of the Windows GUI mode to navigate through the OS functions, a few function-key shortcuts makes navigating a snap. For example, entering commands at the DOS prompt is an everyday task for most IT Techs.

You can use the arrow keys to scroll up and down the history list and press ENTER to repeat that command.

Here's the complete list Function Key actions

F1 retypes the previous command one character at a time
F2 brings up a dialog and asks "Enter the char to copy up to:"
F3 retypes the last command in full
F4 brings up a dialog and asks "Enter char to delete up to:"
F5 as for F3
F6 Print EOF character (Ctrl+Z)
F7 brings up a dialog of all the recent command history
F8 brings up each of the most recent commands, one at a time
F9 brings up a dialog and asks "Enter command number:"

To Access The Command prompt From Windows

1) At the taskbar, select Start|Run
2) Type CMD
3) Click OK

A list of MS-DOS commands can be found at

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