Willy Eagle's plan for peace on the Korean Peninsula

Lately, I seem to be getting an abundance of SPAM sent to me via the Internet. In case you are not computer literate, SPAM is a term for unsolicited email. Every day, I am bombarded with hundreds of emails telling me how I can improve my sex life, improve the size of my breasts, and/or my male member, how I can lose weight by wearing a patch, refinance my home, watch free pay-per-view movies, receive free adult passwords, take my dream vacation, get a Viagra prescription, wipe out all my debts, and become a millionaire by operating my own business at home. I have been getting so many unwanted emails that I purchased a SPAM Filter. A filter is a program designed to weed out trash emails. It is relatively inexpensive and seems to do a good job; although, at times, it will weed out wanted emails as well.

A friend sent me an interesting Internet address:
http://www.kcna.co.jp/index-e.htm. It was the URL for the Korean Central News Agency for the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. DPRK is what the Communist North Koreans call themselves.

I have to admit that I was a bit curious, so I took a look. They had several articles praising the exploits of Kim Il Sung. He was their fearless leader until about twelve years ago when he did everyone a favor and died. In addition to helping the world by dying he supposedly did a lot of other great things for the North Koreans. I know that he executed a bunch of people, imprisoned a bunch more, bankrupted the county, and created one of the most oppressive governments in the modern world. He did all of this as he laid the ground work for the creation of a great, peace-loving socialist state…He helped create a socialist utopia where someday the North Koreans may even have enough food to feed more than just their army.

I found their web page to be really interesting. It seems that they claim to have developed a blood purifier. "…Pyongyang, June 13 (KCNA) - The electronic goods company under the Ministry of Electronics Industry of the Democratic People's Republic developed a portable blood purifier. It is based on photo-biological technique and made of natural jewel which converts luminous energy of the sun and the glow lamp into photo-electromagnetic field."
"…It can be worn like wristwatch or finger ring, and it will clean one's blood, lower cholesterol, reduce triglycerides, and lower blood pressure. It will also remedy metabolic disorders, and increase a person's immunity to any number of diseases."

According to the North Korean News Agency it produces an immediate effect and is much better than consulting a doctor. 
I didn't see where it could be used to reduce starvation, but it sort of reminded me of some of the SPAM that I have been receiving on the Internet. Strange how thoughts just hit people. All at once, I experienced a sort of
gestalt. I could feel the warmth of something wonderful enveloping me. I was astounded with the brilliance of a fantastic idea. "I might have the key to world peace." It occurred to me that it might be possible for the United States to conclude a beneficial trade agreement with the DPRK. Perhaps the Koreans might be willing to trade their blood purifier invention for the formula for some of the miracle pills that we are now seeing peddled on the Internet and the Jerry Springer show. Pills for uh, "male enhancement."

The Koreans should jump at this opportunity. If we can successfully conclude a trade agreement with them for one of our proven "Male Enhancement" formulas, they may decide to give up their nuclear ambitions.

I can see Korean women encouraging their men to stay home and plant crops instead

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