Told in the words of Bill Eagle

Ollie was married to Lena. It was a good marriage, and they were happy.  Sadly they did not have any children. This was not their choice, but this was the one thing that God never blessed them with. Other than that, they were able to comfort one another, and were much happier than many other  married couples with families. They lived well and happily together for almost ten years.

Life is not always filled with happiness, and sadly, Lena found this out.
Ollie was hard at work at the mill. They were fitting large stainless steel pipe to the number five paper machine, when the chain holding the  pipe broke. The pipe fell on Ollie and crushed his skull. He died almost instantly.

Lena was heartbroken, Ollie was the love of her life, he was all the man she ever wanted, and now he was gone. Gone forever.

Almost a year passed, Lena tended to her things as best she could.  She had a house, Ollie's pension, and memories.

Sven was a bachelor. He had always admired Lena, admired her from a
distance.  When he was in high school, he would look at her and wish that he could get the nerve to ask her out.
She was tall, had golden hair, and her face would seem to shine with a
radiance that could out do any woman anywhere. Sven would dream of her. Dream and wish that she would just look his way.

Shortly after graduation, Lena married Ollie, dashing Sven's dreams of her on the rocks of a cold harsh world.
Later Sven dated others, but no woman could seem to kindle the excitement that Lena created.  None could make his pulse race or heart jump the way that Lena could.   

He remained a bachelor.

When Ollie died, Sven decided that God had given him a second chance. He started to court Lena. He wasn't pushy, or overt about it, but he was persistent.  He started with flowers and kind notes. Later he sent her small gifts. Nothing extraordinary, all in good taste, and all done with an air of consideration and kindness.
Finally his persistence began to pay off.  He was able to take Lena to church, a picnic, a concert, and finally a movie.

Lena was the woman of his dreams, and now it seemed that perhaps she did notice him.

Sven bought a ring. Nothing really flashy but nice, gold with a
small perfect diamond mounted in the center.

He took her to the Elks annual Charity Ball. They had a good time, they
danced, and they had one or two drinks.
Sven took Lena out to the balcony behind the Elks lodge, held her hand, and said, "Lena marry me."

Lena blinked her eyes, looked at Sven and said. "I can't".

"Why not?" said Sven.

"I loved Ollie for well over ten years. No man can ever take his place."

Sven looked at her. She was so very beautiful; tall, blond, and with a
radiance besides which all other women would pale in comparison. "I can't let her go" thought Sven.

"No man can ever take Ollie's place. Ollie was a good man, and he loved you" said Sven. I am a good man too, and I also love you.
Marry me".

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