Tammy and the Muffler Man

Tammy is a little lady who prides herself on her honesty and personal honor. People that know her well will tell you that you can always trust her. "That lady has a strong sense of right and wrong. If she sees something that is wrong, she will do everything in her power to make it right."
Some time ago, Tammy needed a muffler for her car She saw that a well-known and trusted company in Longview had a sale on mufflers and the savings was substantial.
Years ago, Tammy's parents had told her: "You can always trust this company, their word is gold."
Tammy believed them.
Tammy was happy with the service she got.  She felt that they were quick and professional. She felt that their price was very reasonable.
"Would you be interested in purchasing a life time warrantee?" asked a salesman?
"How much?"
"Only $25.00" replied the salesman. "It will be good as long as you own your car."
"Sure" said Tammy. "My car isn't new, but I love this car and I plan to keep it for a long time."
Four years later, she needed a new muffler.
Tammy gathered her receipts and her warrantee papers and headed back to the big city.
She drove to the Auto repair bay and walked in with papers in her hand.
"My muffler is worn out. I need a new muffler" said Tammy
"Sorry lady," replied a person on the shop floor. "We don't do mufflers anymore."
"What? I have a lifetime warrantee!" exclaimed Tammy. "You owe me a muffler.
"Okay," said the man, "we can arrange with a local shop to replace your muffler.
Tammy replied, "I don't want to have it done by strangers. Will you let me take it back to St. Helens?"
"Sure" said the man. "Just bring back the old muffler and your receipts."
"No problem," said Tammy.
A few days later, Tammy returned to the store. 
"Here are my receipts, and what's left of my dirty old muffler," said Tammy. "You owe me $130."
"All we need you to do is sign this paper to close our contract." Smiled the salesman.
Tammy read the paper. "Hey, I'm not signing this. It says that I am giving up my warrantee."
"You have to sign it, otherwise I can't pay you." Scowled the man.
"Like heck you can't!" said Tammy in a louder voice. " I bought a lifetime warrantee. I want to talk to your Manager."
"He isn't here, give me your old muffler."
The man made a grab for Tammy's muffler, and Tammy whacked it on his desk filling the room with a cloud of black dust.
"I'm not about to give you anything until I talk to your Manager." snapped Tammy.
The salesman tried to brush black dust off his suit as he explained to Tammy that his Manager wouldn't be in until 10:00 AM the following day.
Tammy headed back home.
The next day, Tammy was standing at their door waiting for the store to open.
It opened, but the Manager was not yet there, other customers entered the store; Tammy waited.
Finally, the Manager showed up. According to Tammy, he spoke with a Middle Eastern accent, and appeared to be less than happy to talk to her.  "We will pay you for your muffler repair as soon as you sign this release giving up your Warrantee."
Tammy replied in a fairly loud voice. "I have a lifetime Warrantee. What part of lifetime don't you understand?"
"You can't keep it. You must sign this paper!" replied the manager.
Several customers overheard this exchange.  A customer came to her defense. "Look, she has all her paperwork and a contract. If you don't honor your contract, I am not doing business here."
Tammy could see that she had an audience; she got a little louder. "All I want is for you to honor your contract."
The manager replied. "Your car is too old. You will get nothing until you sign a release!"
Then Tammy told him: "It is none of your business how old my car is. I could live to 90, and if my muffler goes out, you will still owe me another muffler!  What part of lifetime don't you understand?
"We don't do mufflers anymore!"
"I don't care." Projected Tammy. "I have a lifetime Warrantee!"
The Manager had reached the end of his patience. "You are just a woman. You don't know anything. You will sign the paper!"
"Like Heck I will" Shouted Tammy. "Don't you talk down to me. This is America and women in this country are allowed to make decisions and use their brains. Your company sold these contracts to people all over the US. They knew that lots of people only keep their cars a few years. Now I come in with a car that needs a muffler and you don't want to pay. I paid in good faith. You took my money, now you need to deliver."
"No! You must sign this paper."
"That's it, I am going over your head. Tammy clutched her old muffler and stomped out of the store.
Tammy went home, and called the company and asked for the Regional manager. After a good number of hours on the telephone she finally reached their regional Supervisor in Seattle.
She explained it all. 
He told her that his company, no longer did mufflers, and needed to buy back the Warrantee. He made an offer.
Tammy refused.
He and Tammy negotiated some more.
They finally arrived at a figure.  His company would pay Tammy for her muffler repair, plus $900. All she would have to do is go back to the store and they would give her a check.
She refused. She told him that the Manager insulted and degraded her and she was not about to set foot in that place again.
The Supervisor agreed to drive down and personally give her a check.
Tammy is a little lady who prides herself on her honesty and personal honor. When she is right, she knows she is right, and woe to anyone who would dare say anything different.

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