Federal Court within the last 24 months would not be eligible.  A person would also be ineligible as a juror, if he or she has been convicted of a felony or is in state prison. 
I asked if a person could volunteer for Jury duty.  I was told "Absolutely not."
"You mean I can't talk my wife into doing this in my place?"  I asked
"Not unless you want to be willing to pay a fine or do jail time," was the answer.
Every one of us had a separate juror number.  They gave us a paper with a list of jury dates and a telephone number.  We were told that we needed to call in to check and see if our numbers were called.
They had us sit in a Circuit Court room, and we were given a short talk by one of the judges.   "Be sure to bring a paperback, or something to read with you." Said the judge.  "You will be spending a good deal of your time just sitting and waiting."

On that first day, we were required to wait.   Numbers were drawn from our group on who would serve on the Grand Jury.  Later a group of us was asked to remain as potential jurors for an impending trial.  I enjoyed myself by visiting with people that I had not seen in years. We were finally told that the trial was settled out of court and that we could go home.

The next week I called in and got this message:  "Hello this is the Columbia county jury call in, jurors numbered (and a list of numbers were given) please report to the Jury coordinators office at 8:45 AM."

"Wow!" Thought I.  "I get to go tomorrow.  It's the real thing, I am going to be a real juror."

My wife looked at me and said: "You will be home in two hours."

"What do you mean?" I asked

"Everyone knows you, there is no way that you will ever be chosen for a jury." Smirked my wife.

" Oh yeah?"


The next day, I reported for jury duty.  I was given my jurors badge.  My number was called and I got to sit in the Jury box.  It was a Felony Drunk Driving Case.  The lawyers then started asking questions.

"Do you know any of the people here." 

I raised my hand.

"Do you know the police officer involved."

I raised my hand.

Are any of you members of M.A.D?

I raised my hand.

I was home within an hour and a half.

I no longer have jury duty.  I never did get the opportunity to serve as an actual juror, but oh I feel so much the better.  I did my patriotic duty… and not only that but they paid me. They paid me real money; ten bucks a day. 

Now is that great or what?


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