Mother Day

It was Mothers day and the Lahti family had just returned from Church. Everyone quickly changed into their work clothes and tried, to their best ability, to get ready for guests. Annie checked on a roast that she had started cooking before church, and 11-year-old Emmi did some last minute dusting and vacuuming. Sulo hurriedly went to the barn and made sure that the animals had water and hay.

It was not long before guests began to arrive.

Doc Harry and his wife Carolyn were first to arrive. Carolyn had baked, two beautiful pies, that morning. Harry's first action was, without asking, to head for the wine decanter.
Carolyn looked daggers at him.

Harry smiled and poured himself a glass.

Bill and Claudia arrived next with a large spinach salad, followed by Walt and Mary Karnosh. The Karnoshes brought with them containers filled with polish delicacies; kielbasa sausages, Pierogis (a stuffed dumpling) and golabki (cabbage) rolls.

Sulo had built an entertainment room, in what used to be a farm building, next to the house. He, originally, built it as a place, to make and sample wine. Later, it evolved into a place, to drink wine and play cards, with his friends. After he married Annie, the room became a major place for entertainment. Sulo insolated and heated the room. He and Annie filled it with two couches, a large screen TV, a recliner, an ample dining table and wet bar.

Harry sat on a couch next to Emmi and asked her: "What did you get your mom for Mother's day?"

Emmi smiled. "Dad said that momma was writing a paper on President Lincoln, so I bought her a Lincoln video. I haven't given it to her yet, but I think she'll really be happy to see it. I'm going to give it to her tonight."

"How about your dad?" asked Harry.

Emmi shrugged. "He took Mom out last night, and brought her some flowers."

"Dinner's ready," announced Sulo, as the ladies carried in steaming platters of food. 
Sulo said grace and they all began to eat.

Everyone was silent, until Emmi looked up at Harry and said, "Uncle Harry, you know just about everything; who started Mothers day?"

Harry wiped his mouth with a napkin, and replaced his chewing with a pleased expression. "I'm glad that you asked. Mother's day is an American invention. Anna Jarvis, a lady who lived in West Chester Pennsylvania, started a national campaign, in 1907 or 1908.  Because of her action, Mothers day has spread all over the world and now it is celebrated in 50 or more countries. President Wilson declared it a Legal US Holiday on May 9th, 1914."

Emmi responded with a "Wow!"

Harry had more to add, "since it's an official holiday, you don't have to go to school on Mothers day, and most government offices are closed."

Emmi said, "Cool!"

Annie Lahti giggled. "They're closed because Mothers day is always on a Sunday."

Emmi looked disappointed.

Annie looked at Harry. "You do know, don't you, that Anna Jarvis was very disappointed with Mothers day being commercialized? She even wrote letters to newspapers, saying that she didn't like greeting cards. She said something to the effect that greeting cards mean nothing. The only thing they show is that some people are too lazy to write their mothers. She scoffed at candy! She said that people would take a box of candy to their mother and then eat, most of it, themselves. She didn't think it was a pretty sentiment at all. 

Harry smirked "I gave Carolyn a card and Candy. Good candy too."

Carolyn grinned "And you ate most of it yourself."

Harry shrugged, "It was sugar free."

Emmi smiled and looked at her mother. "
Äippä, I made you a special card, all by myself and I didn't give you any candy. I have it for you and a present too."

Emmi handed her mother the card and a small package covered with scotch taped Christmas wrappings.

Annie opened the card first and you could see the tears form. "What a wonderful card, thank you so much for making it for me."

She then opened her package.

"Dad said that you were writing a paper on Abe Lincoln," quipped Emmi.

"I am," answered Annie. It will be part of my thesis. I just know that this video will be very helpful. Thank you so very much."

The evening was delightful, and as the guests were leaving, Claudia quietly whispered to Annie "I didn't get to see Emmi's present. Was it the Spielberg video on Lincoln?

Annie giggled. "No, it was much better than Spielberg's. The video Emmi bought for me was 'Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter.'

Emmi has a good heart and because of her, I don't think I will ever forget this Mothers day."

Have a happy Mothers day.


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