Time and Paranormal Events.

I discovered something. The longer that a person lives, the quicker time seems to pass. I remember when I was a little kid, and my mother would tell me that I had an hour to play with my friends. An hour was such a long time. It appears now that hours take very little time to pass. My concept of time seems to be accelerating. Days as well as hours pass much more quickly than they did when I was young.

I do have some solutions. I will on occasion sit in the dentist's chair, wait in long lines for events, or be in a hurry to get somewhere important. Time will either stop, or at least slow down for me. This sort of thing is good for a person my age; it helps me to feel that I have somehow extended my time on earth.

My wife seems to think that I have memory problems.
"Where's the remote control?" I asked.
My wife replied, "It's probably right where you left it."
"No it's not! I've looked everywhere and it isn't anywhere."
My wife walked into the living room, walked over to our television and reached for the remote control. It was sitting in plain sight on top of the TV.

I looked at my wife intensely. "Claudia, I never put it there. I think that we might have a ghost."

She laughed.

She may have laughed at me, but I have noticed a number of mysterious events happening to both my wife and myself.

"Bill have you seen the book that I was reading?"

"What happened to my Scissors?"

"Where's my checkbook?"

"My coffee cup's gone?"

"My hat's gone! Where is it? Did you put it somewhere?"

All these events seem to border on the supernatural. I firmly believe that we might have a poltergeist in our house.

My wife, on the other hand, seems to think that we are just careless. I think that this phenomenon is much more serious than she thinks it is. I have mentioned some of these occurrences to other people, including my friend Harry who seems to have also experienced similar paranormal events.

Think about it, have you had things disappear on you and then reappear in places where you have already looked? Instead of blaming yourselves, you need to report these phenomenal occurrences to reputable psychic investigators.

I live in St. Helens Oregon, about thirty miles from Longview Washington. We do much of our shopping in the Longview-Kelso area. We travel to "The big City" once or twice every month, whether we need to or not.

Claudia and I were driving along the river to Longview. We were busy conversing with each other. We passed through Columbia City, Deer Island, and shortly found ourselves coasting down the hill to Rainier. I turned to my wife and commented, "Funny, I don't remember passing Goble?"

My wife looked blankly at me and said, "Neither do I?"

I gripped my steering wheel as we headed across the Longview-Rainier Bridge. "Claudia do you think that Goble is still there or has it disappeared into some other strange dimension? I think that we may have entered a worm hole, we may have just experienced a stitch in time."

My wife just laughed.

This is not the only time that something like this has happened to us. I recall Castle Rock disappearing a couple of times when we were on our way to Tacoma. Fortunately Castle Rock reappeared on our return trip. Come to think of it so did Goble.

Our area is full of paranormal phenomena. You people  should be aware of this and be on guard lest you too find yourself transported to some other dimension.
Time is flexible; paranormal events do occur. Be on guard, we live in a world filled with things, most strange.


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