Earn Us A Free Park Bench

From: Friends of Nob Hill Nature Park

(Howard Blumenthal & Caroline Skinner)

St Helens OR 97051












Hi - This is the new bench we just got at the park in St Helens. Someone else already collected 500 lbs of plastic sheeting so they could participate in the Trex recycling program to turn in plastic and get a new bench. We donít know the details of how it happened, but we are very happy to have it.

We are now working to get a second and matching one. If anyone has clean plastic sheeting for us, weíd love to have it. The program takes #2 and 4 plastic including plastic bags, toilet paper and paper towel packaging, bread bags, frozen veggie bags, dry cleaner bags and bubble wrap. If itís crinkly, itís not the right kind and they donít want it.

Iím sure it will take a while for us to get up to 500 lbs. If you have some, let me know so Howard or I can come get it. Thanks! --Caroline