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Hopefully the city of St. Helens will come to mediation and settle the 3.3 million dollar asset argument.
Instead of being the only hold out.

The $3.3 Million CHD Property

The legal battle for the 3.3 million dollar piece of CHD property rages on. The appellate court suggested mediation between the parties. The CHD board offered mediation last year and was strongly rebuffed by the Columbia County commissioners and the city of St. Helens, who introduced themselves into the legal battle because they believe that they can jump on the money train and possibly get the entire 3.3 million dollars from the taxpayers' pockets.

That is certainly not going to happen if the CHD board, trustee and legal team can prevent it and come to an agreement that all parties can live with and a solution that will include the credit of funds back to the taxpayers. Which is what the CHD has wanted to do all along.

The strange thing is after the appellate court asks for mediation the city of St. Helens said absolutely not. But what is the oddest thing is that the city council did not make any of the decisions and no one will admit who is making the decisions at this time.

Tammy Maygra CHD chairperson and Brady Preheim CHD trustee ask the city councilpersons if they had refused mediation and they looked shocked and confused they clearly did not know that mediation was offered and someone at the city did not discuss the issue with them.

City mayor Randy Peterson made the comment that is was done in executive session again the council was surprised. It is clear that mayor Peterson is making decisions for the council, it is apparent that he is trying to omit the city council. The city council was voted in to make decisions on the running of the city and the people voted against the mayor and a city administrator form of government.

SENT TO: Jim Huffman CHD attorney FROM: Brett Mersereau attorney for the county; At this time the Columbia County Commissioners would be willing to reconsider the appellate settlement program if the city of St. Helens can be convinced to participate.

On a more positive note Maygra and Preheim has had members of the city council interested in what they had to say and hopefully the council will bring to task the person or persons who are holding back important information from the counsel and hopefully there will be three parties at the table so there can be a decision and agreement made that will be the best possible outcome for a terrible unfortunate occurrence.


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