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The Appellate Court of Oregon has asked the Columbia Health District, Columbia County Commissioners and the City of St. Helens to mediate the lawsuit over the remaining assets of the Columbia Health District. The main asset is the $3.3 million property located on Millard Rd. The CHD has offered mediation several times in the past with no avail. This time at the request of the Appellate Court the county commissioners agreed to the mediation to resolve the issue if the city of St. Helens would agree to mediate.

Unfortunately for the taxpayers in the health district, mediation will not happen because the city of St. Helens refuses to mediate. The city believes they have the right to benefit from taxes collected outside the city limits which includes the cities of Scappoose, Columbia City, Deer Island and the remainder of the rural areas which paid into the CHD.

The greed, pocket picking and total indifference to the people in the Columbia Health District being displayed by the city of St. Helens is reprehensible. Striving to receive tax dollars from taxpayers who receive no benefits from the city and are not compelled by law to be liable for any taxes designated for the city is unacceptable. The City of St. Helens simply wants a windfall of millions into their coffers, not caring that the taxpayers voted to receive a credit from the assets from the CHD to which the taxpayers are rightfully entitled.

The sole purpose of the CHD board and their trustee is to follow the voters mandate and sell the property on Millard Rd. and credit back to the taxpayers their share of the CHD assets. Their hope at mediation was to come to an agreement that would have been the best outcome for this travesty for which the taxpayers continue to pay. The CHD board and their trustee, at their own personal expense, will continue legal action on behalf of the taxpayers against the blatant theft of taxpayer assets. The county and the City of St. Helens are spending your tax dollars in legal fees in order to ensure the theft of your CHD assets.

If you are not in agreement with the actions taken by the City of St. Helens and want a fair outcome on this issue, please contact the Mayor of St. Helens, Randy Peterson, city councilpersons and the Columbia County Commissioners and demand that they work with the CHD for an agreeable solution.

A list of contact numbers is hereby provided for your convenience. St. Helens: Mayor Randy Peterson 503-397-6272; councilpersons: Keith Locke 503-369-0575; Doug Morten 503-396-5145; Ginnie Carlson 503-397-6373; Susan Conn 503-369-6910; and Columbia County Commissioners Tony Hyde, Henry Heimuller, and Earl Fisher, 503-397-4322.


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