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All because of the republican shut down of our government

The republicans are still holding the government hostage over Obama's Affordable Care Act. While I would have preferred single payer, I am glad millions of Americans will have some sort of health care coverage. Even though this new health care plan may not be the perfect plan it is certainly a good start and can be modified and tweaked in the future.

The republican shut down of our government is nothing more than to try and hurt President Obama. The republicans dislike president Obama simply because he is black and will stoop to anything to try and taint his presidency. The republicans say they support our troops and veterans their actions speak differently. The shutdown of our government has stopped federal employees from being able to send out veteran checks, affected hospital care for our veterans slowed down or stopped disability claims for our veterans. If the shutdown continues there will be No benefits for veterans for the month of November many of the veterans need that check for food and housing. And the republicans claim they support our veterans, that is bull crap.

The only thing the republicans support is the Koch brothers and their ilk. Their idea to pick and choose certain parts of the government to fund is completely ignorant. Their attempt to bully president Obama is only making the Republican Party look worse if that is even possible. The Republican Party is allowing a few nut jobs aka Tea Baggers to try and ruin America. The only way the republicans and the Tea Baggers will be happy is if the United States Government and economy fails.

I applaud president Obama for not allowing the republicans to bully him and the rest of America. Finally the president is standing up against these nuts and not letting the school yard bullies have their way.
A poll done by Public Policy polling found that Americans gave Congress an 8% approval rating and here are a few things that Americans had a higher approval than congress, congress 32% witches 46%, congress 31% hemorrhoids 53%, congress 40% dog poop 47%. As the shutdown drags on I believe these poll numbers will be even worse for the right wing nuts!

To all you republicans who will certainly lose money in your retirement accounts, and stock market, and those of you who are still working but for how long if the economy goes south, you can thank your party of corporate shills, Jesus freaks and gun nuts for the predicament that you are in. We democrats have been screwed by the republicans and their policies for decades and even though we will be greatly affected once again by republican greed and ignorance, we will be comforted by the fact that you will also feel the pain inflicted on you by your own party of corporate greed, self-righteous religious hypocrites,
and the hatred of any one who is not a white male.

The next time you go to the polls try not to vote against your best interest. The south lost the civil war, the south will not rise again and there is a black man in the White House leading the greatest county on earth. You can say his name President Obama.


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