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I know what is best for you because I am the County Commissioner
Who has prostituted himself to the Big Corporations

Tony Hyde's latest comments about the taxpayers in Columbia County quote "industry and business increase the county's profits but residents cost the county money", comes at no shock to me. Hyde's loyalty to corporations over the people of Columbia County has been apparent from the first day that he took office 17 years ago.

Hyde is against anything if it helps the citizens of the county, expecting them to be glad to pay for a tax increase or to pay for corporate welfare which by the way he pours into the pockets of the money sucking corporations like sand through an hour glass.

Hyde had no problems putting the county in debt for "Port Westward projects to the tune of $72 plus million and expecting more funds from the taxpayers to give corporate give a ways through $33 million in tax abatements, new roads and other infrastructure development at Port Westward all for corporations. He cost the people in Rainier millions through his REDCO debacle as well. Although his ethanol plant was a bust even when people with half a brain read about ethanol and knew that it was going to fail Hyde forged ahead because like usual Hyde knows it all and knows what is best for his corporate buddies.

I hope someday the voters of Columbia County will realize that Hyde has never brought one job into Columbia County but has put the county into debt so far that the county is having a hard time making their debt payments. I guess that is why the port and county debt has been extended. That is why the county will entertain any type of Crap Corporation to come to Port Westward because they need the funds to make their infrastructure economic development payment, which any tax funds from the company would go to pay off the debt.

Tony is no friend of the taxpayers of Columbia County, he cares little of their livelihood, he is anti-union, anti-prevailing wage, anti-Davis Bacon, anti-anything regarding social issues and environmental associated because there has never been a tree that he has met that he did not want to turn into a stump etc. but there is one thing he is for sure, and that is a Corporate Whore.


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