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Martin Bashir

Was possibly forced to resign his MSNBC news show
Because he called Sarah Palin out on her crude racial remarks

The media in America is controlled by the conservative corporate right. While the costs of network television and news casts are expensive the right can out spend the left without any trouble. Even when the left has a successful media out let and great commentators the right has no problem squeezing them out. And replacing the air space with conservative lies and christen channels and broadcasts.

While the right supposedly stands for God and his conservative standards the right are in fact hypocrites and allows right wing nut jobs as Rush Limbaugh make rude, crude and racial statements and makes no efforts to have him removed from their media outlets.

While the networks chastised Martin Bashir for his commentary against Sarah Palin's ugly racism comments which by the way his comments were absolutely correct when he addressed her ignorant remarks with harsh but factual rebuttal. Martin Bashir had to apologize on his MSNBC television broadcast nationwide. Until he resigned his position claiming that he did not want to be a distraction from the real issues. Quote: "Martin Bashir abruptly resigned at MSNBC today, as the 4 PM host said he would rather quit than be a distraction, a.k.a. give Sarah Palin another second of attention".

I am saddened by his resignation or firing by MSNBC he was a breath of fresh air, a person who told the truth and dove into issues and called the right and their corporate hacks out, exposing the truth and shady dealings of the corrupt politicians and corporations. 

It is a sad state for America when Americans cannot get truthful broadcasts from our news outlets even those that claim to lean progressive. And when a person is fired or forced to resign for speaking the truth and exposing liars, corruption, and racism. Then again the right and the corporate hacks do not want their crooked deals and views being exposed to the voting public.

Limbaugh called the Pope a Marxist,
Limbaugh used the N-word, Limbaugh told white people not feel bad about slavery, and Limbaugh told Jews to get over the Holocaust. He also told Native Americans to stop complaining. Rush attacks single mothers the poor and the down trodden. While Rush is a ignorant sexist pig and dope addict the right uphold him. While Bashir is forced out because he stood up and spoke out against the backward views of the God fearing right.

I hope Americans express their outrage to MSNBC in droves until MSNBC pleads Martin Bashir to come back and continue his truthful broadcasts uncensored.

It is apparent that corporate American holds a dictatorship over our broadcasts and displays a bias between nut job conservative beliefs. And progressive values against racism, sexual discrimination, and equality to all is promoted and supported.


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