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Patrick's Lynx

The bureaucracy of the state of Oregon has once again raised its ugly hypercritical head. After a nosey neighbor complained about the lynx, Channel 2 news reported a story about Patrick Clark a veteran who has a lynx. He found Sosha as a kitten and saved her life, Sosha has been his companion for 16 years and has helped him cope with his Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome for which he suffers. Clark served in Desert Storm and Somalia The lynx has been declawed and has been the veterans lifesaving therapy.

Now because the man did not know that the regulations /permits regarding keeping a wild animal had changed, unaware of the part of the Gladstone Municipal Code that prohibits "wild and dangerous" animals, including poisonous reptiles, crocodiles, lynxes and more, must now give up his friend.
Clark moved from Milwaukie where the cat was not considered exotic because she weighed less than 35 pounds. He has asked the city council to grandfather his lynx in so she would be within the new rules, but the city
has refused to do so.
A matter that could easily corrected.

Now the veteran is considering putting his friend down because he cannot give her up. The city council has given Clark 30 days to have the lynx removed from his property permanently. The animal has been declawed and is considered too old to acclimate to a new home at an animal sanctuary and  away from her constant companion. How cold and ruthless the city council of Gladstone, and the state of Oregon is, the states veterinary says his hands are tied and the law is the law. I call bullshit on this.

Clark contacted Veteran's Affairs, a doctor was able to classify the cat as a medical companion animal. However, the Gladstone city attorney found the lynx was still in violation of state law, despite its label. Oregon Department of Agriculture spokesman Bruce Pokarney said Gladstone contacted the agency and was working to find an exemption for Clark's cat under state law. So far, they haven't found anything and  it sounds like they are not trying that hard to save the lynx's life.

How funny is that? It just depends which law it is and who it is. If the man had money there would be no problem or if it was a corporation there would be no problem. I have done enough political issues to know and understand the state bends laws and regulations all the time on many different issues. So why can't they work with this man to save his dear friend? And why would the city council, state agriculture department or the state of Oregon put this burden on anyone.

What is going to happen to this veteran who served his country honorably and now suffers from a serious condition because of his service to his nation must now have on his conscious the death of his beloved lynx by his own hand. Shame on the Gladstone city council and their attorney they could find a loophole if they really wanted to.

The state talks about helping our veterans and they cannot help this one on this matter. The governor can pardon a murderer so why can't the governor step in and pardon this lynx so the veteran can keep her until she passes from natural causes? Face it, if she is 16 years old she does not have many more years left usually lives to be about 20 years old, she should be able to spend them with her friend where she is comfortable and loved. 
What did Sosha do to deserve a death warrant? Love and trust Patrick, and what did Patrick do to deserve the forced death of his friend? He saved her life as a kitten as she in return has helped him in his life to cope with PTSD.

I am disgusted with this event and I am going to start making phone calls to the governor's office and to the agriculture department, and the Gladstone city council, maybe they will reverse their decision if enough people call and complain. And I suggest if you feel veteran Patrick Clark should be able to have his lynx grandfathered in- in order to keep her, so she can live out the remainder of her days with a loving friend then you should take a couple of minutes and make a few calls too. Ask the governor to exercise his authority and pardon Sosha the lynx and have her grandfathered in so the issue can be resolved in a positive direction.

Where is the compassion for our fellow man and to our animal friends? Let's show some.
Below are some phone numbers to call if you think Patrick Clark our veteran should be able to keep his lynx.


GOVERNOR  John Kitzhaber  (503) 378-3111
GOVENORS OFFICE-Citizen Main Line (503) 378-4582

Oregon Department of Agriculture

          Katy Coba,            Director  503-986-4552  kcoba@oda.state.or.us                           
   Lisa Charpilloz Hanson,    Deputy Director  503-986-4552  lhanson@oda.state.or.us
   Lauren Henderson, Assistant Director             503-986-4552  lhenderson@oda.state.or.us

Gladstone City Council

Gladstone City Councilors
Mayor - Wade Byers
#1 - Ray Jaren
#2 - Thomas Mersereau
#3 - Kari Martinez
#4 - Neal Reisner
#5 - Hal Busch
#6 - Len Nelson
Telephone 503-656-5225  main number

A state law passed in 2009 effectively ended private possession of many wild animals, including wild cats, most wild canids, bears, primates, and alligators and crocodiles. Sosha weighed less than the 35 Lb. rule so she did not fall under the regulations.

Prior to 2011, owners of exotics could legally keep their animals by applying for a permit through the state Department of Agriculture. After Jan. 1 2011, current permit holders could keep their animals, but the agency no longer issued permits.

Please help veteran Patrick Clark and Sosha the lynx

Sign the Change Org Petition


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