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Port Commissioner Colleen Deshazer has made the Port of St. Helens along with Columbia County the laughing stock of the country. Her disregard for the remains of the cattle she butchered by displaying the heads along the roadway on her property. By the Deshazers own admission they displayed the heads in retaliation to her elderly neighbor who had complained to the county's Land Development of Deshazer's illegal use of Agriculture building by using an Ag building for her construction business. How childish, follow the rules like everyone else. Just because you are a port commissioner does not mean you don't have to follow the rules.

Deshazer sits on the Port of St. Helens, makes decisions and contracts concerning multi- million dollar companies. How can we trust her to be coherent or make sound decisions? I don't think we can. Her recent comments to the community about if you don't like what the port does move, if you don't like living by a farm F**** move. She is no farmer. She is a poor representative of our community and should not be in an elected position. She should be asked to resign from the Port.

United Press International picked up the Spotlight's article on Port Commissioner DeShazer's cow decapitation display, obscenity and all. We have Port Commissioners who steal campaign signs and now a commissioner who likes to impersonate Vlad the Impaler. But nothing will happen like usual in Columbia County.

People should not allow or excuse these Port Commissioners' actions. The port cares nothing about the farmers who make their living around Port Westward by trying to bring in companies that would be the demise of Seely mints. Seely has gone country wide with contracts with huge companies but the port cares nothing for his local family business. They care noting for the blueberry farms or any other farmers. Maybe the port should take some of their own advice and quote" F***move."

Economic development and the Port wants to entice good companies here, well lets see what kind of companies the cow heads bring.


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