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The effects of Global Warming

The humans who live in the modern world can be inventive with their technology and miracles performed with advances of modern medicines. We can explore the vast world under the oceans and send machines through the universe to discover new planets and collect data. All wonderful things newly learned which will enhance the human race.

But still many of the humans that live on this planet are stuck in the medieval times, the dark ages with their unscientific thoughts and decision makings. Everyone KNOWS that we are being affected by climate change/global warming. We all know that a single degree warmer will create vast melting's of our polar ice caps which in turn will rise the height of our water which encircles the planet by about 23 ft. which many say is nothing but  if you figure all the water in the world that is beyond comprehension for many people. Many of our major cities will be under water. Many highly populated islands will be gone. Our planet is in a critical state because of humans and their apparent thoughtlessness and their visible greed.

Scientists figured that we would have a hundred years or more to correct our impact of fossil fuels but new data shows that instead of slowing down our impact we have actually accelerated global warming and we are at least 60 years ahead of the last dire prediction. So why do we continue to allow the destruction of our planet?

We know what needs to be done but are allowing the big money corporate fossil fuel jerks to devastate our planet- all for their greed. Ice loss in the northeast region of Greenland has nearly tripled since 2003, with the ice sheet receding 12.4 miles over the past decade and losing 10 billion tons of ice per year from April 2003 to April 2012.

While the corporation use clever wording to mask their evil intent such as "clean coal" we all know there is no such thing as clean coal. But if you make the issue sound good and friendly and say the lie often enough the lie will become truth. We allow corporations to sponsor events at our schools and at these events they are quietly promoting fossil fuels and other detrimental industry. Why? Because kids retain information and if they learn it at a young age over and over by the time they are adults they have had the idea subliminally fostered into their thinking and reasoning that coal and fossil fuels are ok. In other words the corporations are brain washing the next generation.
Instead of doing the same thing generation after generation, it is time to demand that the United States takes a lead role in all renewables. Offer our greatest minds and put aside funds to develop other energy sources completely away from fossil fuels. We could do it, even if we have to step on corporate America's toes. I know that the majority of Americans would go along with funding new inventions to develop green energy. We must do it now before it is too late.

You do not have to be a Harvard graduate to understand the importance of this issue and the urgency to do something about it.


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