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President Obama has kept his word to the women of the United States who work for the federal government through contractors has signed by executive order- equal pay for equal work. President Obama's order dictates that contractors publish wage statistics by gender and race to guarantee compliance with equal-pay laws. The order also prohibits contractors from retaliating against personnel who compare salaries.

Women generally earn about 77 cents per dollar compared to men. American women deserve and are entitled to equal pay for equal work. America has been run by men for too long and women have been accustomed to being treated as second class citizens. It is not a man's world anymore.

President stressed that our daughters should be given the same chance as our sons.
Tuesday's signing corresponds with National Equal Pay Day, serving as a reminder that more than 50 years after the Equal Pay Act was made law, women still earn less than men. African-American women and Latinas take home even less, just 64 cents and 54 cents compared to white males. This is wrong and absurd.

While Obama's order addresses the federal government it does nothing for the woman working in the private sector. In my opinion his bill does not go far enough, but it is a start.

The Ledbetter Act, named after a nearly retired product supervisor at a Goodyear tire plant in Alabama who took her case of unequal pay to the Supreme Court in 1998, made it easier for women to sue employers for discriminatory wage practices, presenting a 180-day window after each paycheck during which women may challenge employers.
The wage variance between male and female employees begins shortly after entering the world of work. One year after graduation, women earn 7 percent less than men. Differences in hours, occupation, sector, college major and other factors do not fully account for the difference in pay, according to a report by the AAUW. About one-third of the pay gap remains unexplained, and researchers contribute the unexplained numbers to gender discrimination.

Most men are scarred of aggressive women and prefer women that are subservient in the work place. Men with this attitude are afraid that an aggressive woman might just take his place as the CEO or manager in a company. Men have a problem taking second seat to a woman or taking direction from a woman. I guess it has something to do with their ego, not the ability of a person.

"Women are still told that the reason why they're paid less is "that a male coworker" has a family and the men are breadwinners. Even though -40 percent of all households with children under 18 include mothers who are the sole or principal source of income for the family. Single mothers, with a median annual income of $23,000, make up the majority of this group. It is hard to believe in this century that this out dated and primitive way of thinking is still accepted in our society. It is true that many women are stuck in low paying jobs and are in the part time work category. Walmart, the country's largest employer of women, has faced repeated accusations of discrimination against female workers. You know Wal-marts jingle Low Pay Always .But they take it to another level by not only paying low wages to their employees even men they even pay less to their female employees.

I hope it is not another 50 years before women earn dollar for dollar to men. We should treat our daughters better. America talks about other countries and their human rights issues, America has no room to talk.


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