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The Right To Marry


A big victory for the gay community and for all peoples rights came to light when U.S. District Judge Michael McShane, declared the ban unconstitutional and ordered it lifted right away. Oregon is the 18th state to legalize gay marriage, 10 years and one day after the first state, Massachusetts deemed it legal. Other states are still in litigation over the issue.  Judge McShane's verdict struck down a constitutional amendment, passed by Oregon voters in 2004, defining marriage as between one man and one woman, this was a highly contentious argument between the political groups in Oregon.

Let this change in the law be viewed as equality to all people who have been regarded as less equal than heterosexual people in the state. The world will not end, morals will not be forgotten, crime will not rise and the country will not fall. People have a right on this earth to love whom they want without being chastised by other people in the community.

Gay people work, they pay taxes, they serve in the military, they vote, they love they grieve just as all people do. I believe it is time to get out of the dark ages and let all people be free to live their life. There are more important things happening in our country that needs corrected other than worry about whom marrying who.

"Quote" McShane said that preserving the traditional definition of marriage was not a strong enough argument for the law to stand. Otherwise, he wrote, tradition could be used as a "rubber stamp condoning discrimination against longstanding, traditionally oppressed minority classes everywhere. "End Quote"

Earlier this month the Oregon Family Council abandoned its campaign for a ballot measure to let corporations discriminate against loving same-sex couples. Oregon's law will continue to say that no corporation can deny service, housing or employment based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

Oregon Family Council needs to stay out of individual's personal business. All they want to do is to push their religious beliefs onto others and try and control their personal beliefs through the work place. They belong in several centuries past and not in the modern world. Their ignorance and intolerance is not welcome in a country or state that wants to progress ahead. They can believe the way they want and I have no problem with it but to try and control others by denying jobs, and basic human rights that I cannot agree too. Everyone born on this planet deserves to happy and treated equal and I am glad that this judge has rendered this verdict and reversed the law.


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