Man in his infinite wisdom has caused un-natural climate change
Man needs to correct his destructive ways.

Texas is known for supporting some of the dumbest people in the country. They have been proud of George W. bush and Governor Rick Perry, but until then I had held out some hope that the people in Texas might see through the ignorance of the big oil companies and the people who run the fossil fuel industry, which is what Texas is- big oil.

But even the greed and ignorance of big oil over shadows the truth of climate change in the Lone Star state, even museums are slanted to the oil industry. When the $185-million Perot Museum of Nature and Science opened in Dallas, it removed an exhibit describing the link between fossil fuels and climate change. The exhibit was a 4-by-2.5-foot panel titled "Climate Change" hanging in one of the museums halls the panel defined how the Earth's geology, air and water interrelate with one another.

The panel described how volcanic eruptions and burning fossil fuels increase the amount of carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere. This warms the Earth and can cause sea levels to rise and climates to change. The panel had some misinformation because humans are emitting 100 times as much carbon dioxide as volcanoes. These facts that have been proven time and time again.

At the bottom of the panel a photo showed a smokestack with a caption which read "Humans have altered Earth's climate by burning coal and other fossil fuels that release carbon dioxide." Being in Texas this was not going to happen, the oil industry needs to keep the people dependent on fossil fuels and brain washing is a simple and effective tool , so any data that says differently must go.

After a discussion with the museums design firm it was discovered that the panel was removed. The museum's excuse for the removal of the piece was - the panel was incorrectly designed to fit its space, so it was temporarily removed until a new one could be manufactured -- which is a rational clarification, except that the "short-term removal" has lasted a year-and-a-half. The museum's benefactors include Exxon and Chief Oil & Gas. Now we understand why the exhibit was removed and not replaced. Museums across the country are facing trials in presenting climate change to the public at a time when the issue has become a political hotbed.

Many museums have decided not to approach climate change with much zeal because the museum does not want to offend anyone and they also want to keep their donors so taking a somewhat safer approach and not giving all the facts ensures that they are on neutral ground. I happen to disagree with covering up the facts regarding climate change, the more people who know and understand the problem that is plaguing us from our own activities must and should be addressed before it is too late.

As a society we should demand that the oil industries develop green ways to make energy or the government will place a huge tax on the oil industry until they change their destructive ways. The people of the United States should also demand from the government that they fund scientists to develop an alternative fuel. We have the knowledge but we allow greed and money to overshadow what must be done to allow our planet and all those depended to survive.


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