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This this why the train companies want to keep explosive crude shipments secret.
So people will not know the dangers of the product they are shipping.

Oil companies and the railroads want to keep crude oil shipment information out of the public's scrutiny. The railroads want the state of Washington and Oregon to sign confidentially agreements. BNSF Railway Co. and Union Pacific have asked Washington and Oregon to sign contracts that would specify that the volume of oil they ship and the route they use would only be released for emergency planning and the first responders would only know how much oil is being shipped on what rail in case an accident occurs.
The state of Washington however refuses to sign any such agreement and states that it violates the public record laws. The U.S. Department of Transportation issued an emergency order requiring railroad companies to disclose information on routes, volume of oil and the number of trains to state officials, but BNSF and Union Pacific want to make certain state officials keep that information confidential and away from the prying eyes of concerned citizens of both states.

Union pacific claims that the crude oil shipments fall under national security. And that the secrecy will keep terrorists from knowing when and where and how much crude is being shipped. Well how stupid is that, if a terrorist wanted to blow up a train of crude oil all they have to do is lay and wait along the tracks or head on down to Port Westward and do their evil deed. That is what terrorist's do they lay and wait and do the unexpected to strike terror in people.

Even though all the train accidents that have occurred have been because of bad rail, bad tanks and or human error and not one terrorists attack. Oregon is evaluating the confidentially agreement. And there is no timeline to say if and when Oregon will have a legal answer.

There is a simple answer to these issues invest in green energy, modern technology and stop using fossil fuels as soon as possible. Then we would not have to worry about climate change, explosive trains and human deaths, and the destruction of the environment.


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