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Where's Waldo, Betsy and Brad?

After working several shifts for the Columbia County Democrats at the Columbia County Fair, I was approached by several people who were looking for Betsy and Brad campaign signs. Unfortunately I did not have any signs to give to these avid supporters.

The supporters ask why there were no signs available from these candidates. I had to tell them the truth. Betsy and Brad did not drop any off for the Democratic booth to give to people wanting to support these two candidates. The supporters were not very happy because Betsy and Brad had not taken the time to make sure signs were available.

I suggested that we check at the Republican booth. Why? Since Betsy ask the Republicans to write her in as their Republican candidate and enough Republicans wrote her in and she won the Republican primary- I figured that she might have dropped off signs there. No such luck.

Many Democrats are in a predicament because Betsy can run as a Republican-Democrat or a Democrat-Republican or a Democrat or a Republican she can choose which ever title she wants. I am so happy that the Independents did not have a primary because she would have asked to be their choice as well. She did send out a letter to the Independents asking for their votes in the November election. WOW! A candidate for all the people.

Brad tried the same thing but failed to get more votes than the other fellow so he has to stick with being a one party candidate.

The Democratic Party has consistently said that our job as prescient persons is to elect democrats to as many positions as possible. Unfortunately for Betsy- because she is the Republican nominee- I as a true Democrat can no longer support her for senator.

I understand there is a candidate running against her from the Constitution party. This opens the opportunity to cast a protest vote to show Senator Johnson that she does not own every political party in the county.


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