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Republican Monica Wehby is running against Democrat Jeff Merkley for US Senator. Wehbly wants to cut the top tax rate for corporations from 35 to 25 percent, and for the wealthiest of Americans she wants to reduce their taxes from about 40 to 25 percent. This would reward millionaires and billionaires with even more gigantic tax breaks. Adding future burdens onto the poor and middleclass. In combination Wehby wants to shift all of us toward a territorial tax system, which would compensate companies that ship our jobs overseas. These dramatic shifts would add trillions to the federal deficit.

Territorial Tax System is All companies--foreign or domestic- would pay tax on U.S. earnings. But domestic firms would owe no U.S. tax on overseas income, either when their foreign subsidiaries earn it or when they pay it as dividends to their U.S. parent company. This would move the U.S. closer to the territorial systems used by most of the world. But such a shift might encourage some domestic companies to move more of their operations--and shift both jobs and more reported income- to low tax countries. This would cause investment to flow abroad, and that would reduce the capital with which workers in the United States have, so it should reduce wages and would cost US jobs.
Wheby is a typical Republican and uses the typical republican ideas to promote their party. Her ideas are formed against union jobs, healthcare, women's rights and she believes that millionaires are the middleclass.

When asked On taxes, she would have voted to make the Bush tax cuts permanent and repeal the estate tax. The 2014 farm bill? She would have taken the Tea Party stance and voted against it. She's pro-Keystone XL, against the Environmental Protection Agency's carbon rules, and would have voted against equal pay legislation. I do not believe that Wheby is the right choice for being our US senator or the right choice for Oregon now or in the future.

In Oregon, women earned 79 cents for every dollar a man earned. No woman in her right mind would vote for this candidate. Women can make a difference in this senate race and vote for their best interests and that is to vote for Jeff Merkley. The Republican party wants to keep women suppressed in all ways and it is time all women to stand up against these ignorant white males and the brain washed Republican females and vote for a candidate that believe women are equal to men and that women can make their own decisions regarding, their health, and that they deserve equal pay for equal work.

This is the 21st century and not the 15th century or the Middle East its time to move forward. Vote Democrat.


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