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Global Warming and Climate Change

Global warming is here now- and not just facing future generations. The climate is changing 100 times faster than first thought. Changes to our climate are being documented all across the planet today. Just as the eastern side of the US is experiencing unusually frigid temperatures with record snow and the west is experiencing warm dry weather. People, animals, and plants are already feeling the changes. The Earth's atmosphere has already warmed by 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit since 1900. This warming is also found in ocean temperatures, soil temperatures, melting glaciers and melting polar ice caps. It has been linked to widespread effects on ecosystems around the earth. Evidence proves that our planet is warming.

If scientific projections are accurate a 2-3F warming would bring the earth's sea levels to rise by 3 feet by2100, dislocating approximately 56 million people in 84 developing countries around the world. Arctic sea ice has declined by 30 percent, covering an average of 9.6 million square miles; ice floating on ocean waters play an important role in regulating our climate, ice reflects sunlight back to space helping keep the earth cool. And ice is important for the very life of many species.

Sea water is becoming more acidic. Carbon dioxide dissolving into the oceans, is making seawater more acidic. This will destroy coral reefs and impact other marine life. Hurricanes have changed in frequency and strength. There is evidence that the number of intense hurricanes has increased in the Atlantic. The dust bowel of the 30's will be a norm for the southwest region.  Crops are withering from the evaporation of water. People will starve species will die.

More than one-quarter of Americans are climate change skeptics, according to a new report released by the Public Religion Research Institute. These deniers don't believe that the Earth's climate is changing, even though 97% of scientists believe it is. People believe the climate is changing because
they are just fluctuating as part of a larger natural cycle or because it is the "will" of god. Or because they believe the weather is getting colder where they live. At that there is not enough scientific evidence to prove otherwise. These non-believers are most likely the republican right and put profit before life its self.
We need to take hard fast action to stop climate change. We need to make corporations retrofit their industry within 2 years to stop 99 percent discharges. We need to force car companies to develop all cars to have high gas mileage and we need to throw money at NASA to develop alternate fuel sources. If man can develop machines to travel through space then we can develop different sources to save our planet which means to save our lives.
The earth and its inhabitants before corporate greed.


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