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Representing You

Robert Keyser as 'Geppetto'                                                                                    Pat Trapp as 'Trappocchio'

The Port of St. Helens has been exposed once again as the liars, manipulators, and backroom deal makers which have been the normal operating procedure to date. The big question is? Since we know who the puppets are, who is really the puppet master manipulating the strings.

The 2ndrejection by the Oregon Transportation Commission for Connect Oregon Funds for the berth 2 project further substantiates prior information exposing the ports inability to perform the simplest of tasks by filling out the proper forms, and acquiring the necessary permits without resorting to their usual practice of lying.
E-mails which were withheld from the Connect Oregon Commission by Director Garret of The OTC shed light on the corruption at the state level regarding the port of St Helens inability to have the required matching funds for the grant money. But failed to make the e-mail available to the decision making commission. We know director Garret has no interest on the development at Port Westward so who is pulling his strings. Will Director Garrett lose his job or will he expose the puppet master in the ongoing investigation. Only time will tell.

Port commissioner and chair Keyser sent an e-mail to prior chair of Connect Oregon stating the port had the funds to match the grant which was not correct. And was not what Trapp fraudulently filled out on the application. Keyser over stepped his authority as chair by promising $3 million from the port. The port commission ok'd only a letter to explain the situation- not an expenditure of funds.

Keyser is known for his rash and hot headed explosive personality. Keyser has given the finger to the public at Port meetings. He has stolen and destroyed campaign signs after his staff had given the candidates permission to place the signs on the hotel property. Only to crawl out from under a rock and turn in the stolen signs after a reward was issued for the stolen property. In my opinion I think he wanted the reward. Keyser's impetuses actions cost him total embarrassment turning beet red in court and approximately $7500 in attorney fees, now blaming the victims for his monetary losses. His explosive actions are not fit when representing the taxpayers.

Another questionable attribute of Keyser is that documents show he and his business partner owe $350,000 in property taxes and he is helping run the Port of St. Helens. This should concern the taxpayers in the Port District -it does me.
Trapp when confronted by the outraged public at a port meeting continued to blatantly lie even when documentation proved otherwise. Trapp makes about $170,000 per year and will not jeopardize his income by thwarting the puppet master. All Trapp has done is to open POSH up for litigation, the port has anticipated legal problems because they increased their special insurance for attorney fees.

Hopefully the investigation regarding Connect Oregon, the OTC , POSH, former Governor
Kitzhaber   and associated politician will eventually expose the puppet master and her many questionable actions including threats on many individuals. Hopefully the exposure will be her undoing.


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