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The chemical facility region- (Chemical Ally) - of Louisiana and the Gulf area will be increased by the construction of huge Chinese methanol production facilities. The Chinese are going to build mega facilities. These super-sized plants will produce 6.5m tons of product. The product will then be shipped to China. The Chinese have come to America because they want cheap natural gas for the process. And surprise -the U.S. now has an unlimited supply of natural gas.

When a short time ago speculators cried that the U.S. needed to import Liquid Natural Gas from foreign supplies. This created a frenzy of carpet baggers with questionable backers promising the 'goose who laid the golden egg, 'For the people who lived along the Lower Columbia River. Now the once three possible LNG import facilities have been reduced to a now single export plant, which is having problems getting approved. Coos Bay(Jorden Cove) is also working to get a LNG export facility.

The amount of water needed in making methanol is as mega as the plants themselves. For example North West Innovation Works is the Chinese company which wants to have three plants on the Columbia River. One of these mega plants is trying to locate at Port Westward, Clatskanie. Columbia County and the Port of St. Helens can't learn to bow and speak Chinese fast enough or give away your tax dollars through tax abatements and grants by the train loads to the Peoples Republic of China or better known and ruled by the Communist Party of China.

I was taught- the United States fought against communism and the repression and torture of people, American soldiers died for that belief. And now we accept without hesitation Communist companies to take hold in our country for a few dollars- Shame on us. I understand we do trade with China, but we need to trade finished products manufactured by Americans by American companies.

Each Individual methanol plant if the same size will each individually use 2,750 gallons or more of water per minute, 165,000 gallons per hour, (million) 3,960,000 per day, (billion) 1,445,400,000 per year. When all three plants are in operation, the combined total will be approximately (billion) 4,257,336,000 gallons per year -drawn from the Columbia River. The Chinese claim the process uses 90% of the water drawn and returning 10% back as waste water. The process could actually use more water reclaiming less than the 10%. Do we want that kind of mega water drain on our Columbia River? Oregon is experiencing a snow pack shortage which is resulting in a drought. Droughts just might be the new norm for Oregon because of climate change. I believe the mighty Columbia River, and the states of Oregon and Washington needs to be protected from this assault on our important natural resource.

Do we allow A Chinese National Company to exploit our natural resources for any reason? Do we allow NWIW to strain and drain our Columbia River? Do we allow the Chinese to destroy our salmon, steelhead, sturgeon, and all other fish species? Do we forget the millions we have spent on salmon recovery, managing sturgeon, all for the development of methanol plants which will be exported. Do we allow the poisons that cause cancer and other health problems that come along with these types of plants into our communities, our air, our water. Check out the health problems in Chemical Alley of Louisiana or in China for that matter. Do we want to be little China? I think not.
The Pacific Northwest is a beautiful place, Oregon and Washington is proud of our environment and work hard to keep the beauty and health of our states. We do not need NWIW destroying our quality of life. The reason the Communist are targeting the Pacific Northwest is because we have clean air and good water. They believe it will be easier to get permits because the pollution levels are low. We cannot allow our standards to be lowered or compromised to accommodate the communists.

The Chinese have ruined their country's water and their environment along with the heath of their people. And now have come to destroy ours. People in this country need to wake up and be more selective on the kinds of manufacturing facilities that are being built and especially by whom. China is buying up American companies and vast amounts of land. What the Chinese are doing is methodical and calculated and Americans will not benefit from the Chinese in the long term.

Over the last three years, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and state agencies have issued draft or final permits to build or expand 105 oil, gas, or chemical plants that will all use shale gas or oil as feedstock and will increase
U.S. greenhouse gas emissions by more than 130 million tons a year -- the equivalent of as many as 28 coal-fired power plants, according to the report. Another 15 applications are pending.

The government has claimed that we need to reduce greenhouse emissions, getting rid of coal fired plants. then why are we allowing more of the same pollution only with a different name. It is simple- a few senators and their friends are making millions off these deals and the entire population will suffer from dirty air, contaminated food supply and food shortages, contaminated water and water shortages, which is if we have any water left, and that's ok as long as a few get richer and our friends the Chinese are happy.

We don't need Chinese companies to improve our economy. We need union construction jobs and the answer to creating jobs is simple, if we retrofitted our industries throughout America we would create millions of high paying union jobs with benefits for the next 50 years. We would save massive amounts of energy; we would reduce pollution reducing greenhouse gasses. We would create millions of associated jobs to go along with the construction/retrofitting. We would have new small business startups. It would boom the economy through spending power. And while that was going on we could tackle our infrastructure problems and fix our roads and bridges. Then America would be able to bring back the American Dream for our next several generations.

What is it going to take- to get people -to wake up and see what is happening around them and start making changes?


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