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Scappoose City Council has a lot of this.

The Scappoose City Council authorized their attorney to join with the Columbia Health District and their attorney Jim Huffman in the lawsuit on behalf of the health districts taxpayers. The suit is too keep control of the remainder of all the districts assess including the state pool fund, bank account and the $3 million dollar property on Millard Rd. The health district wants to credit the money back to the taxpayers. And the City of Scappoose is in complete agreement with the health board.

The city of Scappoose wants the taxpayers within the city limits to receive a credit from the health district. All other areas in the health district deserve a credit well. The usurper trustees which are the county commissioners decided after four years and realized that they were wrong on the issue. Finally came to the conclusion that the mediation that was offered several times by the health board was a good idea and offered to sit down and try and come to an agreement with the board. Unfortunately the City of St. Helens refused to mediate putting a stop to any attempt to come to a mutual agreement that would be fair to all.

The city of St Helens wants all of the health district assets, even though the city taxpayers paid only 40% of the tax. The city of St Helen's wants to steal all the money from all the citizens of the district even from their own city taxpayers. The city wants all the funds to go to them, so they will have a huge pot of money to spend on city pet projects.

I applaud the Scappoose city council and their apparent concern of honoring the taxpayers vote and demanding a fair dispersal of the remaining collected taxes and the fair disposal of the money received from the sale of the districts property. The Scappoose City Council is honorable and is making decisions like elected officials should; they are looking out for each and every one in the city and all taxpayers as well. Their decision on this issue is making it so people will regain their faith in the government and believe that their vote actually counts.

Jim Huffman attorney for the Columbia Health District has his office in St. Helens. Jim is the leading attorney in Oregon for pro-bono work. After Jim wins this case we will all owe him a salute and our gratitude for sticking up for the little guy against crooked politicians. Politicians who have done nothing less than conspired to commit theft from the taxpayers of the district, thinking that no one would make them accountable. This law suit would not be happening if not for Jim's pro-bono work. And the hospital board trying to make things right, including shouldering some of the cost themselves.

There are only five people in the entire district who want the assets and maybe not five but three and that is the St. Helens City Council.


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