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No Benefit to American Workers

A person with reasonable intelligence should understand that trade deals are not beneficial to the American worker in fact statistics show that trade deals such as NAFTA hurts American workers. Then why in God's green earth would President Obama strongly support another job killing trade deal? Travel to Oregon to push TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) at Nike headquarters. Nike is known to use child labor to make its over-priced shoes which in turn has made Phil Knight a billionaire. Knight must be proud of exploiting children, with harsh working conditions and very little wages. Since Knight/ Nike receives millions in tax abatements and is worth billions ---maybe he should invest back in Oregon and build a shoe manufacturing facility in our state to boost the economy.

Investor State Dispute Settlements or ISDS a better term "secret tribunals" has caused a firestorm. This section of the treaty would tilt favor against the US and support multinational companies and would undermine US sovereignty. To put it into laymen terms it means that a private or individual company would be elevated to the same authority or power as a nation and to privately enforce a public treaty between two sovereign nations.

Secret tribunals that are only available to foreign investors and it encourages people to send jobs and money offshore. People invested here in the past because we had a safe, distinct system and a rule of law. If they can now get that in another country because of ISDS, they will send their money to that country and send their products back here. The reason why countries would develop a rule of law is because of the pressure of non-investment. This eliminates that pressure, so it would slow down the migration in these countries to a real rule of law. It lacks environmental standards. It fails to address climate change period, so it doesn't have the same objectives or the same cooperative agreements that are just as strong as the US-China bilateral deal, it inspires them to go elsewhere so they don't have to comply with our carbon emissions standards in this country.

Foreign companies will have a separate avenue to address problems over a domestic company seeking redress of exploitation. Another problem with IDS is that currently if there is a problem the problem is solved in court and if new evidence comes along the verdict can be overturned, with IDS you cannot get a verdict overturned.

It fails to address currency manipulation has or will cost us between 2.3 million and 5.8 millio
n jobs. China leads that group. Twenty countries have been determined to have manipulated their currency. And yet there's nothing in the agreement to stop it. So all of the benefits they claim we could get from TPP, even if you assume every one of the benefits is right, could be wiped out the next day by a country manipulating its currency.
It prohibits things like Buy American policies
. Say the taxpayers in Oregon decide they want to use their money to do something and they want to make it an Oregon product, that violates this trade agreement, and it can be void.

TPP is not just a trade deal between twelve countries it is a new final trade deal that will be the New World Order in trading .Effecting the workforce for decades to come --- will it reduce the ability of unions to negotiate against all corporations, will it kill the unions? Will it make it impossible to protect America from being reduced to third world policies?
TPP will add to our trade deficit, which means we will be promoting foreign jobs over American jobs. Mr. President you have turned on the middleclass of America. The middleclass is the one which got you elected two times. Your speeches which stated hope for all Americans and the middleclass is what built America if you give me your vote I will stand up for you. You must have been spoken with the usual political rant of say anything to get a vote. Mr. President you re failing the working class of America today, tomorrow, and for decades to come with this trade deal.


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