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You Lost

Hurry scurry is the motto at the Port of St. Helens this week. The sitting port commissioners are attempting to get ten, I repeat, ten resolutions passed before the two new elected port commissioners take their seats July 1st. This action is coming from a board which usually conducts business behind closed doors.

This leads to my next comment. Robert Keyser lost his election by a mere 32 or so votes never the less he lost. Keyser is taking his lost like the man he has proven to be from his past actions. Keyser has been known to threaten the public by asking individuals from the public to step outside--- and he Keyser would fight the citizen. Keyser has been known to take campaign signs from previous races in the county by his own omission --- in some circles that would be called a repugnant thug / thief . This action cost him $7,500. Now Keyser dislikes the prior candidates even more because they took money from his family due to court costs, maybe Mr. Keyser should have thought out his actions before acting on them. Maybe he is so upset because he and his business partner owe the county coffers over $300,000 in delinquent property taxes so funds must be a little tight at this moment.

Now his opponent has had 20+ signs stolen in this election the question is--- has Keyser been back to his old practices? It makes one wonder doesn't it? Mr. Keyser should take his defeat like a man instead of a whining little baby hiding behind mama's apron. Keyser's nasty e-mails, constant whining, his disparaging remarks about his opponent is shameful. In words of your best bud Debbie Hazen, the former editor of the Clatskanie Chief, a newspaper that was so bad the fish refused to be wrapped in it. A newspaper that was so bad the editor by her own omission said she worked for years below minimum wage. Often used the term "Hinterlands."

It is too bad she is still not the editor--- she could do an editorial about the wailing sound now heard in the Hinterlands. Some would say it was a lone coyote, or it could be two raccoons fighting or it could be Robert Keyser curled up in a fetal position sucking his thumb in despair for losing his election.

"You lost Mr. Keyser accept it.

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