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Dennis Hastert under investigation
Alleged to be a sexual predator.

John Hastert member of the Republican Party and was the 59th speaker of The House of Representatives serving from 1999 to 2007. He also represented Illinois 14th congressional district for twenty years. With his political clout he reigned as the longest serving speaker in history.

But his career and legacy was dealt a devastating blow in May 2015. Hastert was indicted on federal charges of arranging bank withdrawals ($952,000) to dodge bank reporting requirements of cash withdrawals (of $10,000) and then making untrue statements to federal investigators. Prosecutors said that the money was to compensate and hide misconduct by Hastert against an individual year's earlier. Records show that Hastert agreed to pay the individual $3.5 million.

New allegations rose in June 2015 from public accusations that Hastert had abused three students when he was a teacher/coach more than three decades earlier. Hastert was also a leader in the Scouts which is a very good place for the sexual predator to find their prey, and to molest young boys. The hush money was meant to keep one of the former students from revealing that Hastert had sexually abused him.

A judge who had made donations to Hastert's campaign granted a protective order to keep evidence secret. Claiming the order was to protect the "alleged" victim. In actuality the order was to protect Hastert from the public knowing what the heinous crimes was that he committed against innocent children. Following is a quote from Hastert "We must continue to be proactive warding off pedophiles and other creeps who want to take advantage of our children,"

With this information how can the elected Republican's continue to support this creep? how can any republican support Hastert? This sexual predator needs to be behind bars for the crimes that he has committed. This man was second in line for the presidency and no one came forward for years to expose him. Just what we needed a child molester in the White House.

As the devout Christian right makes excuses for Hastert just like they have supported the holier than thou Duggar's, whose son molested his own sisters one which was 5 years old. I guess it is ok for incest in the Christian world because they will be forgiven.

Many of the same political republican powerhouses were the ones leading the charge against President Clinton because he had an affair with a consulting adult while he was president in the Oval office. So they impeached him because he lied about it. Now the same law makers are saying nothing about the molestation of young boys by one of their very own. Hypocrisy is the republican motto.

Putting politics aside --- putting bull crap religion aside --- these people who commit crimes against defenseless children need to be put away for the rest of their lives. No amount of money makes up for what they have inflicted on the innocent.


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