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One of many resident nuts of the Republican Party running for President

Donald Trump Republican candidate for president of the United States has voiced his concerns about the illegal immigrants that come into the country. Trump claims that Mexican's crossing into the United States are rapists and criminals and wants to build a wall along the US and Mexican border.

Trump has come under fire from many people and the media. Trump claims that he was referring to illegal immigration and not the Mexican people. And headed that he was criticizing the US immigration policies, when in reality the republican killed the gang of eights immigration reform bill.

Trump went on to explain that he had friends, business associated and successful business relationships with Mexican companies and employ. He also was quoted to have said that he has tremendous respect for the leaders of Mexico, who, frankly, are much smarter and tougher than our politicians here in the United States."

Could it be his respect for the Mexican government is because they are ruthless, killing their own people, keeping the majority of Mexican people in poverty. Having no environmental laws so companies from the US relocate to Mexico where they can have cheap labor and can dump their pollution without worry, hence making more profits which is of course their bottom line.

Trump is using the senseless killing of a woman at the pier in San Francisco as a reason to build his wall at the two countries borders. Trump fails to mention the facts that there are many senseless killings in America everyday which are committed by American citizens.

Trump is considered to be far right of the other republican hopefuls that are running for president. Many in the Republican Party are saying that Trump is hurting the party and the prospects of any republican getting elected. Even with trumps outrageous statements and ideas he has climbed to near the top of state and national polls for the GOP but is still trailing Jeb Bush and democratic candidate's Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

The economy, health care and terrorism remain dominant issues in Americans' minds as the 2016 election gets closer, with 88% calling the economy an extremely or very important issue, 83% rating health care that important and 81% calling terrorism a top issue.

Foreign policy follows, with 71% calling it deeply important and illegal immigration (62%) and race relations (61%) important issues.

The race for president is going to be a long campaign within the Republican Party for it seems every republican is coming out from under their proactive rock and are running for the position. While many of the candidates are in low single digits and will get nowhere fast they will still be taking up airtime with their usual ignorant rhetoric of pre-1950 philosophy.

Unless the Republican Party changes their raciest, over bearing religious holier than thou attitude, woman suppression, anti- climate change , cutting taxes for the rich and taxing the middleclass and poor, and union busting ideals to name a few of their screwed up beliefs. They will not stand a chance of winning an election for president. But then it is commonly known that most Republicans are slow learners who like to twist the facts and figures.


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