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Fee increase for Fishing and Hunting License Is it fair?

Oregonians have long enjoyed the bountiful splendors the Pacific Northwest for a reasonable cost. Now between the Oregon Department of Fish and Wild life who has decided to once again raise the cost of fishing and hunting licenses and tags plus the supplement to the commercial fishing industry is costing so much people and families cannot afford to pay the fees.

This increase follows the "new" fee Weyerhaeuser has implemented on folks who have enjoyed the use of their vast holdings for generations. Between Weyerhaeuser and Oregon's Fish and Wildlife enjoying the "GREAT OUTDOORS" has become a memory for the average Oregonian and a private playground for the well to do.

The state claims that licenses have declined in the last 30 years. I will have to rely on the state to give accurate numbers and I think if these numbers are true the state will not be doing their selves any favors by pricing the people that are still participating in the outdoors out of the sport.

Oregonians buy about 243,000 hunting licenses, with non-residents buying another 16,000. Oregonians buy about 500,000 fishing licenses, and non-residents 122,000. The state sites it needs $345 million to run its operations and is short $32 million even with the increases in fee's and addition funds from the general fund. The state should take into consideration the boost in the economy that outdoor people provide year round. Through gas, goodies, park fees, equipment, boats , guns etc.
Hunters, fishermen and outdoor lovers contribute to the economy of the states and the nation.


6.1 million American jobs
$646 billion in outdoor recreation spending each year
$39.9 billion in federal tax revenue each year
$39.7 in state and local tax revenue each year


Hunters spend over $238 million on lodging, food, gas and gear while paying over $27 million in state taxes. On the average a hunter will spend about $1,200 per season to hunt.
There were at least one million recreational angling trips in both 2011 and 2012. Trip spending generated $47.5 million in 2011 and $49.5 million in 2012 in personal income for local communities. These numbers include fishing effort for both resident and nonresident anglers, targeting salmon, steelhead, sturgeon, and marine fish (halibut, tuna, bottom-fish, and other species).

In 2008 Oregonians and visitors spent $2.5 billion on fishing, hunting, shell-fishing and wildlife viewing activities and equipment.

So with Oregonians economy heavily dependent on outdoorsmen in all variety's our legislature must take action to maintain our deer, elk and aquatic species by providing funds to propagate all species and maintain the Fish and Game department.

This includes implementing a reduction on tax breaks and public funding to Weyerhaeuser. The logging giant has begun a fee charge to access their lands. This action is Limiting access to outdoorsmen. Which in turn, will reduce license sales, bike sales, garment, gas food etc. Reducing the needed revenue to the state costing Oregonian's their jobs and costing or inhibiting Oregonians and visitors access to some of the most beautiful sites right outside our homes.

Please call our governor and ask her to look into this issue and implement to the logging companies free access or no free tax breaks or public funds.


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