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Kentucky County Clerk Davis
Refuses to issue marriage licenses to gay couples
She must hate marriage--she has been married 4 times!
Uses religion as an excuse to break the law

Kim Davis the county clerk from Ashland, Kentucky who refused to marry gays was released from jail. Davis, an Apostolic Christian claims that gay marriage is against her Christian beliefs and refuses to sign or issue any marriage licenses to gay people.
In my opinion Ms. Davis needs to stay in jail because she has violated her oath of office by not following the law in fact she is breaking the law by not issuing marriage licenses to gay couples. The Supreme Court issued a decision declaring that gay couples had a constitutional right to wed.

Davis's actions will probably inflame the debate over how to balance the rights of gays to marry with the ability of people of faith to freely exercise their religion. Again in any normal work place you leave your personal beliefs at home and do your job. Davis claims she is answering to a higher power 'god' WELL yes she is answering to a higher power but it is not 'god" it just happens to be the Supreme Court of the United States of America. Her duty is to up hold the laws of this great nation and if she feels that she cannot perform those duties now dictated by her office then she needs to step down as clerk and resign her office.

Her refusal to follow the constitution by issuing the marriage license is somewhat perplexing ---since Davis and her kind are allowed and protected by the constitution of this great country to practice their religion without fear or discrimination. It is sad that these so called Christians do not support the same kind of freedoms that they themselves are given.

Republican candidate Mike Huckabee jumps in to defend Davis, Huckabee wishes he could sit in jail for Davis. Huckabee says that he is tired of people being harassed because of their faith, again he wants to harass people because they want to marry the person they love in other words punish them for their belief that all people are equal.

I believe that Huckabee used this issue to gain national attention "free" for his failing campaign he is only 4% in the polls.

We have pressing issues in this country that needs addressing, and fixed. To spend time money and media time on this non-issue is ridiculous. Religious people need to butt their noses out of other people's business and tend to their own. Unless gay marriage affects others in a detrimental way it is not an issue and it should be business as usual in Ashland, Kentucky's Clerks office.


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