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One of many sturgeon causalities found dead because the Columbia River's water is too low and temperature is too warm because of drought

Drought related sturgeon deaths in stretches of the Columbia River prompts Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to close a 151 mile stretch of the river from Bonneville Dam to Mc Nary Dam. Sturgeon is just of many fish species such as salmon, steelhead, trout.( The Sockeye salmon has lost at least 50% of its population and it is estimated that 80% of its population will die) that are being threatened by the drought which causes low water which in turn allows the water to heat up to deadly temperatures which kill fish and or causes deadly bacteria to other fish if they eat the infected corpse.

Low snowmelts and high temperatures could be a continuing problem if the climate keeps getting hotter." There's no doubt on the part of our climatologists that say that these are the kinds of conditions that we will see in the future. The ODFW is anticipating a recovery from these conditions in the near term, but certainly this is a wakeup call and a dress rehearsal for what fishery manager's years from now will be dealing with on a regular basis." Oregonians will be dealing with this on a regular basis.

Even our State Senator Betsy Johnson realizes that Oregon is in a drought and that Oregon will continue to face a drought climate in the future. (You can hear Senator Johnson talk about this on her weekly radio program. http://1drv.ms/1graSTu

What baffles me while senator Johnson is worried about the drought in Oregon now and in the future, and the low water tables or even the lack of water why would she and other elected leaders court and welcome China and its crusade in tapping into the Columbia River in four different locations along the Columbia River, in their attempt to build
methanol plants which uses so much water 2500 gallons per second, per minute, per hour per day per week ---times that by 4--- and you get billions of gallon per year. These huge Chinese plants gorge on water using 90% of the intake expelling less than 10%. They claimed how efficient they are ---state of the art nothing better--now they are claiming that they are more state of the art. Which is it Northwest Innovation Works? Make up your mind what you are and the specifications of your facility's energy usage. You do not answer questions which have been sent to your webpage what are you hiding?

There is a Chinese plant vying for location in our very own county at Port Westward. Do we want to allow the Chinese to drain our already drought plagued river for China's profit? China has already raped their country's natural resources we cannot allow them to rape ours.

Oregon Department of Water Resources replied to my question about the amount of water which will be taken from the river by these mega gluttonous plants as very little. I question their response when all other scientific data fully recognizes our drought at this time and predicts and warns about the continuous drought Oregon and Washing and California will experience in the coming years. I think ODWR needs to revisit their standard answer and make the necessary adjustments to protect Oregon's waters and ensure Oregonians that they are indeed watching out for our beautiful state and its water resource and viability which is their job.

It is pretty clear when you have mass die off of numerous fish species because of high water temperatures, houseboats are sitting on dry ground on their sides, boat launches in poor launch able conditions, the docks are tilted or on dry ground that the Columbia River is in trouble and is stressed by the lack of water.

As ODFW claims that we are having record runs of salmon, what are they comparing their numbers to? Certainly not to the numbers of even 40 years ago. These people are changing the baseline of what are big numbers of fish runs. So please do not be fooled by the verbiage being used. Our fisheries are at high risk because of low water and high water temperature because of the lack of snow pack.

But we must focus on all elements which are contributing to the dwindling fish numbers. And any additional factors which would adversely add to the low water levels on the Columbia River must be stopped period.

We need to stop the obliteration of our depleting water resource and stop the building of mega-water facilities such as these methanol plants. Oregon's Columbia River needs to be protected at all costs from the on slot of Chinese National companies which focus on raping every natural resource they can --- in fact these companies should be classified as locus when they come to an area as they completely destroy the environment around them.
Oregonians and all Americans have spent billions to restore salmon populations we have partially succeeded in saving the salmon and other fish species. We have regained our fisheries to a moderate place but we have a lot more work to do to get the fisheries back on top. We have a huge billion dollar economy derived from our fisheries through the sports fishermen to the commercial fisheries. From boat sales, tackle, licenses, clothing, equipment, gas, food etc. we must not allow China to manipulate and destroy our state's economy our fisheries, the beautiful Columbia River, our livability, our environment, our very life for their methanol plants.

Call Senator Johnson and her colleagues, let your concerns be heard, call the governor and call your federal senators to protect the Columbia River.


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