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How do you feel about supplementing
Corporate welfare Now?

Corporate welfare in Oregon is disgusting and unjust. Most corporations pay the lowest amount and in Oregon the lowest is squat. To make the tax inequality even worse, many corporations use every trick in the book to avoid paying the low taxes they owe. More than 300 corporations managed to pay $0 in income taxes in Oregon the year 2012.

Because these corporations have a crew of highly paid accounts they can afford to find and use every loop hole available. The laws are written by corporate attorneys which will benefit corporate America. While these corporations pay little or NO taxes the average America family pays $6,000 a year in corporate subsides.

Some people would argue that some struggling families receive subsides as in childcare, food stamps etc. so subsides are good. While I don't have a problem with family's getting help I would argue that these struggling families would not be struggling if corporate America was paying decent wages and benefits to their workers. And many of the same people would argue that subsides help struggling companies and that subsides often help with expansion and does create jobs. Which is a great point to which I will agree to ---but when a company receives subsides to increase their bottom line this needs to stop.

We're paying more in taxes so that corporations can receive handouts, and we're losing out on tax dollars deeply needed for schools, healthcare and other critical public services.
According to Good Jobs First
's Subsidy Tracker, over the past 20 years, Oregon has handed out more than $6.6 billion in corporate welfare, placing us in 8th place among the states for subsidies given. The biggest beneficiaries in Oregon are Intel ($3.1 billion); Nike ($2.0 billion); Google ($360 million); SK Holdings ($121 million); Avago ($113 million); Berkshire Hathaway ($42 million); Iberdrola ($34 million); Portland General Electric ($34 million); Caithness Energy ($30 million); and Koch Industries ($25 million).Some of the world's largest, most powerful corporations are receiving public assistance, at a time when corporate profits have never been higher---and many working families are still struggling to make ends meet.

It is time for this insanity to stop--it is time our legislature draft comprehensive bills to stop the raping of Oregonians pocketbooks. Oregonians should demand that the law makers start clamping down on the loop holes and language which defines the eligibility for taxpayer funded subsidies, I know this will never happen because too many of our so called elected officials receives campaign money from the corporations or the elected official use to work for these government sanctioned crooks.

One such subsidy corporations receive is where they receive funds for "new employees and they only have to keep the person for a short set time several months and then they are allowed to lay the worker off--- then the corporation is again given the freebee when they bring the laid--off worker back after the required time frame which then the laid off worker is considered "a new employee" what a scam.

Oregon needs to stop the scam, this is worse than the scam from tele marketers who calls and tells you that your computer has a virus and they need access to your computer--people are on to your dishonest ways corporate America and yes you too state of Oregon.


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