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America's Trade Partner, China
Tammy Maygra

China is America's major trade partner--- American corporations and Americas politicians kiss the behind of this communist country. Americans leaders spout that America condemns human trafficking, slave labor long with political suppression which China is all of the above.

Remember June 1989? Thousands of Chinese students gathered in Tiananmen Square to protest the brutal domination they were being forced to live under. They were demanding that their government accept reforms, similar to our constitution. They also asked that they be allowed to speak out against government oppression, and not live in fear themselves or their family if they did. What was the response of the Chinese government? To ruthlessly and very publicly murder thousands of their own people.

Now today --China is the world's biggest slave labor camp, and America is their number one customer. Has anything changed in China in the last 26 years as far as human right's? definitely Yes. Conditions are worse. Anyone who even thinks about speaking out in the slightest is violently beaten down, and the Chinese people are living in ignorance and fear--- a common dominator of how communist rulers keep their people under control . And what are America's leaders doing about it? Helping these Godless tyrants amass power and wealth on a scale unimaginable before, and selling us out while they're at it.

China's Laogai, a system of forced-labor camps is as notorious as Stalin's Gulag , do not mistake--- these camps are not for criminals who have done dastardly deeds but for control of the Chinese people in order to maintain the survival of the communist regime. It has been reported that there are 8 million people in these camps and Are forced to do hard labor if they refuse they are simply starved and replaced with some other poor person. If they work too slow they are fed less and beaten until they comply. You name it whatever comes from trade with China comes from these camps such as ---Steel pipe, shoes, artificial flowers, toys, hand tools, machines of all kinds, chemicals, clothing, even soap and perfume. Minerals are mined. Cotton, tea, grapes, and other foods are grown and exported.

We all know that the Chines government is about lying in order to get what they want. Lying is what keeps communism in power. The Chinese people are being enslaved in part because of our indifference to their plight. Tibetans are being enslaved, Killed because of their bravery in speaking out against the communist and their brutality to the people.

American resources help to sustain that power through trade, investments, and the transfer of technology." In order for this cruelty to people to stop American leaders would have to put people and principles ahead of what billion dollar corporations and international bankers want. And as we know greedy American corporations care nothing about the plight of anyone or anything when it comes to making money.

So when the Chinese communist company Northwest Innovation Works tries to come into Columbia County and you care little about them destroying the Columbia River maybe you will care enough for human rights and be against the imprisonment of people being used as slaves to keep this company out of Columbia County and Oregon. Take a stand against the Chinese Government we don't need them or their company and we should not ignore what they do to the people in China ---they would do it too you if they thought they could.


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