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Hee hee Hee this measly tax credit will cover up
The loss of the 3.3 million credit the taxpayers deserve.
And the city can receive the windfall we promised.

by Tammy Maygra

WOW! The county commissioners have decided to half ass honor the voters by refunding oops I mean credit --- can't say refund -the word refund is what the commissioners used to invalidate the ballot measure which would have refunded the taxpayers their money back on the swindle of the century--- the CHD bank accounts and assets. OOPS! Again! Not on the value of the assets but a tiny fraction of money the commissioners had left from the district possibly a total of $100,000. A far cry of the $8 million the taxpayers were screwed out of by the old board and county commissioners Tony Hyde , Earl Fisher and Henry Heimuller and which one CHD board member and chair happened to be the fire chief Jay Tappan.

The county commissioners could have credited the taxpayers their portion of the 3.3 million dollar sale of the property several years ago if they would have simply talked to the last elected CHD board. The new board wanted to sell the property and credit the people back the funds instead of giving the property to the city of St. Helens .Which by the way the city wants the entire value of the property even though they only paid 40% of value in taxes.

The commissioners are hoping this move on their parts will be a feel good gesture or an apology to the public for ripping the tax payers off. Sorry commissioners but everyone who has received their tax statements are laughing at your feeble gesture. We all know and remember your actions in the theft of our money in the CHD issue.

SURPRISE! SURPRISE! SURPRISE! As of a few days ago there has been an injunction filed against the county commissioners by the current CHD Trustee Brady Preheim to stop the transfer of the property on Millard Rd. to the city of St. Helens. So if things work out as they should in a just and fair legal system the city won't get a 3.3 million dollar piece of property to sell or give away .And hopefully Trustee Preheim will win this action and we can sell the property and do what the voters wanted in the first place. We all know what conspired regarding the old CHD board and the county commissioners was simply wrong and in most people's eyes was conspired theft.

It will be interesting to see how this last legal action ends up maybe the taxpayers still have a chance to have justice served.


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