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Do we want corporate America to continue to run our government
Or Do we want "we the people" to have a voice one again?

Hilary Clinton's attacks on Bernie Sanders voting record is somewhat distorted. Clinton spent two years in the senate 2007-2009 and at that time Sanders and Clinton voted the same 93% of the time along with other like- minded liberals.

Clinton voted with the entire senate democrats and republicans in other words she went with the crowd. The difference between Clinton and Sanders were policy differences. Clinton was setting herself up to run for president in the 2008 election.

There were 31 votes which Sanders and Clinton voted differently and these votes were "huge" one such issue was continuing the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, immigration reform and importantly the bank bailout bill at the time we were in the "great recession" . Sanders voted against all of these bills were as Clinton voted for them.

The two usually opposed each other on the military and foreign policy issues. Clinton supported the Civilian nuclear deal between the US and India. And Sanders supported George Casey for Chief of Staff. Sanders along with a small number of senators voted to allow some of the Guantanamo prisoners to be transferred to federal prisons.

Sanders voted for cloture on the immigration reform bill because he wanted further discussion and debate he was concerned with fraud problems with the guest worker programs. Clinton wanted the bill as it stood.

Clinton parted ways with Sanders when it came to the bank bailout bill only one month before the 2008 November election. Sanders also voted to deny the Treasury Department the capability to spend the remaining $350 billion in the troubled assets purchase program at the start of the next Congress, Clinton favored in allowing the billions to be spent.

Clinton supported ethanol production which was supported by many in Iowa because many voters are corn farmers-corn is used in ethanol production. Clinton backed an attempt to end a tax credit for producing renewable diesel by adding animal fat to petroleum which helped small businesses. Big gas and oil companies supported the cutting of the tax credits to the small businesses. Makes one wonder why Clinton wanted to end the tax credits to small businesses when she now uses small businesses to try and win the presidential election. Provide loans to produce synthesis gas from coal Clinton voted yes, Sanders voted No.

Clinton lied about Sanders vote on the auto bailout distorting the facts when in fact Sanders voted for the bailout. Clinton used the political move know in the political realm as a "gotcha" move mudding the facts, attacking while not allowing time for an explanation of the facts. Clinton is hoping this move will take votes away from sanders from voters who will not check out the facts of her misleading attack. Thankfully the news media are trying to clear the facts so the voters will know the truth, while Sanders is making an attempt to educate the voter's on his voting record.

I understand politics can be dirty, and mudslinging is a - certain in some races ---BUT if you have to lie about your opponent so you can win, not being able to do so on your own merit then I do not want you as my president. I hope the voters in Michigan see through Clinton's lies and political hacking.

Sanders supported Clinton in her problems with her e-mail problem- saying he was tired of hearing about them and would not attack her on the issue. Sander's is running an above board campaign ---to bad Clinton is not. But then the Clintons are known to be pretty ruthless. The Sanders campaign needs to take off the gloves and let Hillary have it.


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