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Hopefully, we will see this image on more American  products.

Made in America was a phrase that many of us older folks took pride in. For several decades that phrase began getting weaker and weaker. The American Dream was fading for many or even just a memory for the majority of Americans. For the past decade Made in America was nothing more than a quiet whisper, those of us who still believe in the American worker and the American dream. We all know that the American workers manufacturing ability was never lost.

What was lost was American corporation's loyalty to America and her workers the very country and people who had made these companies profitable and successful. What these corporations did to this country is shameful. They left taking the American worker's jobs, the economy and our pride.

Things happen for a reason and things do go full circle and that circle is starting to form. Made in the USA is making a comeback. The recession begins to recede and job growth started to improve, the U.S. has seen its manufacturing growth outpace that of other industrial nations, with some 500,000 jobs created in the past three years. It marks the first time in more than a decade that the number of factory jobs has gone up instead of down. From 3-D manufacturing plants in Pittsburgh to chemical plants expansion in Louisiana and Texas, the expected job creation will be about 35,000 jobs. Americans are making things that people around the world are buying.

Even Apple who has went to China to make its gadgets and widgets they even constructed cities for the mass production for its components have now decided to assemble one of its Mac computer lines in the U.S.

Walmart, which founded global sourcing to find the lowest-priced goods for customers, and to make unfounded profits said they would ramp up spending with American suppliers by $50 billion over the next decade and would save money by doing it.

Why are companies finally coming back to America is it because they have seen the evil of their ways--- certainly not. It is all about cheaper fuel costs making it cheaper to manufacture in the US saving on shipping costs while the price of fuel is high throughout the world. Workers from China to India are demanding and getting bigger paychecks, while U.S. companies have won massive concessions from unions over the past decade. Suddenly the math on outsourcing doesn't look quite as attractive. The corporations have starved out the America workers reducing the union wage scale, the America workers have taken reduction in wages benefits to try and save their jobs while corporate America has filled their coffers to the brim.

Most of the jobs in America is not factories but in technology skills which require a college degree. But still these expanding companies will need facility's to build their business and in these cases they will need skilled construction workers to build these plants. America has trained journeymen waiting for the call to report to the job site.

Hopefully America will be able to expand on its entire work force by stopping horrible trade agreements and by fixing our infra structures clear across America, this would create millions of high paying jobs within our borders and bring jobs back.as well. And Americans can once again believe in the American Dream.


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