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These two presidential candidates really
Need to go in a ring and fight it out, hopefully
They both get knocked out.

Republicans Fighting Each Other
By Tammy Maygra

When you thought the republican presidential race could not get any crazier ----between the school yard banter, fight like a man, the name calling, the attacks on certain peoples anatomy. The attacks on candidates wives as which wife is the ugliest is nothing more than an embarrassment which we all have to put up with until the convention nothing more than a race to the bottom.

We now have the nut jobs wanting to bring guns into their national convention. I say go for it and watch what happens when you get a bunch of trigger happy far right holier than thou extremists together. Instead of the front runner saying that there is no need to bring guns into the convention the idiot has to read the fine print on the petition which by the way has 35,000 signatures. These nut bags claim they are afraid of ISIS attacking the convention and everyone would be sitting ducks without fire power. Then they said there might even have a rouge delegate or two.

What the hell does that mean? If they decide they don't like a certain delegate what are they going to do? Shoot you?. Trump supporters are over the edge. Trump has made comments about riots in the streets, hitting people in the face etc.. No wonder his supporters are on the fringe to act violently at any given moment. It is a sad day in American politics when our campaigns have turned into the OK Corral.

The other two candidates Cruz and Kasick have made no comment on the petition to bring guns into the republican convention so far. I am surprised that Cruz has not commented on this issue but then he is entirely focused on attacking trump over the ugly wife thing and of course he has thrown his children into the fray when no one else has mentioned his children.

The republicans are a dream for SNL skits, the media is having a field day reporting on Trump and Cruz and their childish behavior.

I say to heck with the republicans and their crazy ideas and candidates and stay tuned for more crazy fights between Trump and Cruz. Wait for the republican convention this July if you really want to see a comedy unfold ---- mixed in with escapes from the mental institution acting out scenes from High Noon.


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