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In Columbia County we have a commissioner's race that has more candidates that a dog with fleas. One candidate is Republican Joel Yarbor even though the race is non-partisan I believe it is important to revel who is who and what party they are with.

Mr. Yarbor was a county commissioner in the early 90's and was not re-elected for a second term. Mr. Yarbor is a decent fellow and even though I do not abide with his politics I can say that he--- from my personal from experience tells the truth when asked.

Now with the formalities aside I would like to share with you Yarbor's claim for his belief as a successful prior commissioner. Yarbor believes and brags that Wal-Mart was a success story and that he brought the company here­family wage jobs and all. If Yarbor believes that Walmart pays a family wage he is solely mistaken Walmart pays low wages--- wages so low that no family can survive on them. Their employees are paid so low that they have to get food stamps, government paid health insurance, and every other taxpayer funded service. While Walmart makes billions in profits every year, their employees have to live in poverty. When Wal-Mart comes to town, they put the local small businesses out of business; all the while being subsidized by public money.

If Yarbor believes Walmart is a great success story then Mr. Yarbor should rethink what is success and what is not good for the community.

I also understand that a local businessman Jeff Kempt is supporting Yarbor.  Kempt owns Pacific Stainless a local business which was originally in the Hillsboro area and relocated to St. Helens because of the numerous tax breaks he was given. Mr Kempt likes all the free money that the taxpayers provide. In fact he also had his buildings built by non-union and out of town contractors who paid their workers barely above minimum wage. Kempt likes the community and the tax abatements but doesn't like to use local construction workers. It is also my understanding the reason he supports Yarbor is because Yarbor supports tax breaks to companies and evidently Kempt wants some more freebees.

I believe Yarbor supports all corporations no matter how dirty they are, no matter if they pose a threat to the well being to the people and community. He supports the gravel companies who have raped and pillaged the county's natural resources leaving enormous holes hundreds of acres large, destroying what's left of our farm lands and industrial areas.

One last thing. Yarbor in not in favor of the County supporting Parks. I think that the public needs parks, and they add to the quality of life of a community.

I believe there are better choices for commissioner than Mr. Yarbor. Research the facts, research his prior record and make your decision. Research the other candidates and see where they stand on issues and where they want to take the county. After you do you will find that Brady Preheim has a plan and innovative ideas to take the county in a more prosperous direction while ensuring livability to county residents.


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