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Memaloose State Park

To: Oregon State Parks Board:

In regards to the sale of 2 acres of land to BNS Railroad ( Memaloose State Park)
Selling property to BNS is against your own:
Stewardship Policy, Heritage Preservation, Mission Statement and ORS 736

Mission Statement
The mission of the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department is to provide and protect outstanding natural, scenic, cultural, historic and recreational sites for the enjoyment and education of present and future generations

Oregon has made considerable progress in reducing the consumption and dependency of fossil fuels. Oregonians realize that fossil fuels are NOT our future. The future of our livability in Oregon, Washington and the entire planet depends on the immediate decisions that are being made at this time. Climate Change is here and all over the world is experiencing the effects, whether it is drought, tornadoes, or torrential rain. The aftermath is not only affecting the climate but impacting our economy as well.

Why shut down coal fired plants, why install solar panels, construct wind farms, why spend the funds to create clean and sustainable energy if we continue to make decisions that promote fossil fuels? It is imperative to take the steps to stop encouraging the expansion of fossil fuel usage on one hand but then spend billions in advertising and developing alternative energy.

Oregon developed the Clean Car Standards and is the nation's second strongest state-level greenhouse gas reduction goals; so why would we promote selling Memaloose State park to BNS--- so the railroad can increase the transport hundreds of rail cars full of volatile crude oil? It makes no sense at all.

Memaloose State Park is beautiful, quiet, and represents the Chinook Indians who inhabit the area and their ancestors. Memaloose is a well know site and is visited and used by Oregonians and travelers from all over. The addition of more rail traffic will ultimately kill the scenic and tranquilly of this unique park.

There is NO benefit to the State Parks system from the sale of the approximate 2 acres to BNS. In fact the sale would be detrimental to the Gorge, and the rest of Oregon, Washington and beyond. The outcry against these intended massive crude oil trains has resonated throughout the Northwest.

The funds which would be received from this sale is insignificant and is easily proven by the advertising which has been promoted by the state lottery which is promoting the state parks, not only for avid outdoors users but also for people who just want to relax and enjoy the quiet and beautiful state parks of Oregon which Memaloose State Park offers.

Memaloose Park is located in the protected area of the Scenic Gorge. How can the park service entertain an offer made by BNS to purchase even one inch of property? We need to keep our parks as large as we can for future generations to use and enjoy--- as populations increase the availability of parks decreases --- so we must protect what we have. The reason we have rules and regulations in the Gorge is to keep it as natural as we can, even though there is a railroad running through the Gorge we must keep the rail traffic to a minimum, adding more crude oil trains would be detrimental.
We must consider the possibility of train derailments, added diesel exhaust, added noise, and possibility of crude oil spills because of inferior rail cars. These types of railcars have caused several environmental spills when accidents occur. Horrible fires have resulted when the crude oil trains have been involved in accidents whether equipment failures or human failure.

Please do not ruin Menaloose State Park or other parts of our beautiful Gorge by voting for the sale of these 2 acres of precious park acreage to BNS. Again the sale of this property does not benefit any park in Oregon. BNS is the only ones who would benefit from this sale.


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