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As of April 15, 2016 Oregon LNG has announced it will cease operations immediately, the owner of the project, Leucadia National Corporation (NSYE:LUK), has made the decision to cease funding the project.

This announcement was nothing less than a huge and I mean huge victory for the activists who have fought a hard uphill battle against proposed Liquid Natural Gas terminals all along the Columbia River.

Twelve years ago the Columbia River was targeted for three proposed LNG export terminals. One was at Port Westward which failed quite quickly because the project had no backers. The second facility was at Bradwood which is located downstream from the Wanna Mill. It took opposition several years to stop the Bradwood Landing Project. Bradwood Landing was stopped on criteria dealing with Land Use and the withdrawal of its backers.

Oregon LNG formally known in the beginning as Calpine and was initially the first LNG proposal was the last project to get the message that the people of Clatsop County and around Oregon did not support these projects. And would continue to fight as long as it took to stop these carpetbaggers.

The irony of it all …is that in the beginning these projects were proposed to be import facilities and in a matter of a few short years they were turned into export projects. Odd how one moment Oregon and the entire country had no natural gas and then in an instant we had so much gas we needed to export it… sounds pretty fishy. The supporters of these proposals tried everything possible to build these terminals but in the end they lost.

The people who fought LNG deserves a big pat on the back for staying diligent against carpet baggers who wanted to come into our coastal communities and ruin our way of life, the environment, and our fisheries.

There are many people out there who can take a lesson from the LNG activists…. When someone tells you cannot fight city hall and win or you cannot take on big corporations and win… stop and think of the now three failed LNG proposals on the Columbia River and a fourth at Jorden Cove- (Coos Bay) take a deep breath and put on your boxing gloves because when it is time to take a stand for something you believe in there are no winners if you stay on the sidelines.

The victory party which was held May 13th 2016 in Astoria was a great event the building was packed tight. River Keepers who were instrumental in the victory helped host the event. Twelve years ago a rag tag group started the fight against LNG and it grew into the movement we have today, an organized group who are not afraid to take on corporations or politicians. Twelve years ago I met people who loved the environment as I do, which was not only refreshing but they turned into lifelong friends as well. People who you can count on to take a stand against corporations who only want to destroy our beautiful river for the sake of greed and profit.

Thank you everyone and thank you River Keepers


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