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Oil Train Accidents
By Tammy Maygra

The derailment of a Bakken Crude Oil train has caused environmental damage in the "protected" scenic corridor of Oregon's Gorge causing the evacuation of the tiny town of Mosier. The derailment stopped the traffic on the interstate while black plumes of smoke and flames billowed. With crude oil running into the Columbia River, oil soaking into the soil which will eventually make the short distance to the river, and also the oil which is puddled along the tracks as several freight trains per day passes next to the spill on the very same tracks, while ruptured tank cars continue to leak and leech. The adverse effects on the environment will be there for a very long time

Activists against the transport of Bakken Crude have been very out spoken about the possibility of such an event. Supporters of the oil transport have cried foul every time the activists bring up the dangers of this business. The oil industry along with the train industry claim that such fears are unfounded and that the rail ways are completely safe. We all know this is not true especially after the several derailments which have happened in the past several years, resulting in numerous deaths in Canada and environmental disasters in many other areas across America.

Union Pacific rail claims that the reason the derailment happened was because one clip failed, which connects the rail to the tie. I do not believe in my opinion that is true ---there are two clips on every tie and each tie is laid about 18 inches apart. If one single tie clip could cause a derailment such as the railroad claims we are in a world of hurt along the entire rail line as I have seem missing clips, seen the clip laying on the rail bed , I have seen loose ties that would fluctuate as the train went rolling by. Come on Union Pacific tell us the truth because not all of us have drank the Kool-Aid of which we have been served.

We were lucky that there were not any deaths associated with this derailment; there was a school nearby, homes, and a busy interstate. Does Oregon have to have an event which will cause deaths and ruin our rivers all in the scheme of profits from the export of oil. I certainly hope this does not become true.

A press release came from our Senator Wyden basically saying we need to protect our communities --- well senator why don't you do more? Why don't you respond to the letters and calls that were directed to you through your office? Because senator it's easier to respond after an event, in fact why don't you come to your district and talk to the people wow Senator Merkley does.

Here in Columbia County attention was brought to the crummy rail road bridges that were in dis-repair and the train company said oh no problems there; then all at once they replaced several of the bridges but not until after they received bad press regarding the bridges.

People are concerned all along the rail that this incident will most likely recur. There are many schools located very close to the railroad and if another derailment happened it could turn deadly very fast.

Does Oregon really want to be the "new" Louisiana? By allowing and accepting Bakken Crude terminals on all our ports? I think most people do not want this and it is about time for the elected leaders to take the responsibility of stopping this insanity before a derailment kills a entire community.

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