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If you want to be president of the United States
It is going to take a lot more money than this.

To win the presidency of the good ole USA takes a lot of money which good candidates simply don't have. The Clinton campaign has reserved $91 million for TV. Ads, $8 million in mobile ads, and this is just the beginning on War Chest spending. What ever happened to the good ole days when a person of modest worth could actually vie for the job of the President of the United States. Unfortunately this day in age you have to be politically connected, connected with millionaires and billionaires belong to the correct garden club, dine and wine all the above. You must be able to raise millions for example to the DNC before you are allowed to even be in the playing field.

Billionaire Oprah Winfrey supports Hilary, loves the idea that women are breaking the glass ceiling something which Oprah has done in the TV field. Then you have two of Clinton's biggest billionaire backers Hiam Sabam who is a media mogul and hedge fund manager George Soros. Clintons--- Pac Priorities USA Action has raised $75.9 million in this election cycle.

Other billionaires who have donated millions to Clinton's Pac and too Clinton personally are Thomas Steyer an environmentalist /political player. Steyer made his billions in hedge funds before selling his company Farallon Capital Management in 2012 to focus on politics and the environment.

Marc Benioff, Warren Buffet, Sheryl Sanberg, James Simons, Jay Robert Pritzer, S. Daniel Abraham, David Shaw, Jon and Pat Stryker, Steven Spielberg, Thomas Tull, and Alice Walton. These individuals are hedge fund people, Wal-Mart- medical device manufactures, Slim fast inventor and famous movie directors.

Where are the regular people who donate a few bucks here and there? Like the Bernie supporters? You wont find the rank and file people as supportive for Hilary like they were for Bernie. Bernie was correct when he mentioned the fact that Clinton had very strong ties to the hedge funders who made billions off the backs of the hard working middleclass investors, who lost their retirements because of the hedge funders who were laughing all the way to the bank.

So here is the problem for all of us----who do we vote for? a person who has strong ties to Wall Street and her crooks or a nut job who has trust issues as well and is a tad bit crazy and has no foreign policy experience. In fact a person who has no experience in politics period. I will have to vote for Ms. Clinton over Trump any day. At least under the Clinton presidency (Bill) we had a booming economy, a balanced budget, even though I strongly disagreed with his trade policies he was the best that we could choose from at the time. I will give Hilary a chance because there is no way I could vote for an idiot like Trump.


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