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I supported Bernie in the primary, I am sorry that he did not get enough delegates to continue on. But on the bright side he did help change the Democratic platform for the better and brought Hilary to include the millions of voter's wishes which will revolutionize the Democratic Party for the better. His vision and hard work made it clear that millions of Americans are tired of the status quo in Washington and the political favors for Wall Street muck-e-mucks. Including the billionaires, who are receiving all most the entire wealth of this nation, and while millions of American's live in poverty and the middleclass continues to decline.

With this said I will be supporting Hilary in the general election this fall. Is there another choice for president of the United States the answer is a simple "NO!"

Donald Trump is an embarrassment to this great nation. To think that there are so many people who actually believe his rhetoric is mind bogging to say the least. His speeches are nothing more than rants of a pompous blow hart that says nothing of substance. His personal attacks on his would be supporters are even not off limits to this individual who believes he is an intelligent man.

His attack on the military and their families who have served this great nation and gave the ultimate sacrifice is well beyond the pale. His comments on wanting a "Purple Heart" and then receiving a copy of one from an actual Purple Heart recipient as how easy it was. His comment was so ignorant that everyone in the room should have boo'd him and walked out. If his recent comments is not enough to change his supporters minds of receding their support nothing will.

Trump's statements have received him Liar of the Year! Trump has only a mere 9% of true or mostly true statements. Out of 77 statements made by Trump 76 of them were either all false or partly false. Trump makes stories up every day only to try and correct the lie the next day. The Republican Party must be proud of the depth of disarray and total collapse of which their party has fallen into.

The Republican Party can legally Dump Trump by 1. their own Party rules,2. State ballot rules and 3. Electoral college rules. The problem with this is that there are certain time requirements that must be met. Will the Republican Party Dump Trump probably not I think they will ride this one out as Trump is falling fast in the polls. I believe the Republicans will do their usual thing, a Democrat will be president and the Republicans will block everything that comes before them in the senate stopping any movement that would help the working people of this country.

Hopefully the Democrats can take back more seats in the House and most importantly the senate so we can move forward.

The phrase "You reap what you sow" is coming back to haunt the Republican party. The party is in so much disarray that the common sense Republicans do not have a chance to led the party. It is a sad day when someone as crazy as Trump is the presidential nominee. What does this say for being a Republican?

Even though Hillary has some issues as well I would trust her with the red button, and I trust her to do what is better for the country. At this time anybody but Trump.


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