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America Does Not Need Trump

E-mails have been the down fall of many political figures and president elect Hilary Clinton is no exception. Scandal has followed Hilary and Bill Clinton the majority of their political careers. We have had the White Water investigation which the Clintons were not found to be guilty, then we had the commodities issue where Hilary made millions on cattle futures while actual cattle brokers lost money. Many people felt that Hilary had insider trading but no charges were ever made against Ms. Clinton. Then there was the Bengazi incident which ended up in an investigation against the then Secretary of State which found her to be innocent of the charges. Then finally the 30,000 e-mails which Hilary used her personal computer for state business and fell under an FBI investigation again Clinton was found to have sent out classified e-mails.

Now e-mails were found that Hilary Clinton's top aid used her husband's computer for state business, while the FBI dropped this bombshell just days before the presidential election which Hilary is the Democratic candidate. There is no proof that there is any reason to investigate this issue but the republicans are jumping on everything they can. Information out now states that the FBI Director has violated the Hatch Act which means that they are influencing the election. Besides the FBI should not be updating anyone on an investigation which certain members of Congress were applying pressure. This is not a criminal case against Clinton. It is actually against x Congressman Weiner who has been disgraced by performing lewd acts online over and over.

Then we had Bill Clinton sued by women for sexual misconduct. Then while president of the United States Bill Clinton had an affair with a young intern whom he lied about and while many Americans cared little about his extra material affairs some changed their minds about the president when he lied about it. This gave the Republicans an open door to go after the popular president which they did. The Republican House brought impeachment charges against Bill Clinton. The House voted to impeach him but the Senate did not concur to impeach him.

The constant investigations of the Clintons is nothing new but frankly is very tiring for the American people and very costly as well. The Republicans are frantic because an extra crazy Republican has taken over their party and has won to be the presidential nominee. I do not support Trump in fact I think he is a nut job but one thing I can say about him is that he does not let the Republican party influence him or control him.

Maybe the Republicans should sit this one out and maybe direct their energy to the next election where maybe they can actually get a viable candidate. The only way this is going to happen where they might have a chance to regain the presidency is to get rid of the way right nut jobs which has taken control of the old Republican party.

Back to the president election Hilary Clinton is still ahead in the polls and hopefully she will win. I don't agree with Hilary on many issues and I can honestly say that I am not too thrilled with her but I will give her a chance and anything is better than Trump the nut job of the Republican party. Trump is a man that has no ideas, no plans to better the people and the country. A man who wants to give nuclear weapons to many as he would say many many countries, not too smart.

Trump claims he loves women which is no lie he loves them so much that he fondles them whenever he wants whether they are a consulting participant or not. He does not respect a woman's right to have control over her own body when deciding a pregnancy and wants to try and overturn Roe vs. Wade. Trump is not what America needs.

No matter which party you belong to- or who you may support for president please think it through and send your ballot in and exercise your obligation, your duty and your right to participate in our democracy.


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